Summer is one of the most fashion forward times of year – not to mention, the most fun. Beach weather calls for sandals and bikinis – and what better time to get your feet ready than now? Prepping and beginning a feet care regimen will help to ensure your toes and heels look absolutely stunning this season, and are always ready for a cute pair of sandals. Lionesse brings you some helpful advice to get your feet ready for summer and sandal season.

Woman enjoying a pedicure in a salon.

Opt for a Pedicure
Head out to your favorite spa or nail salon to indulge in a little R&R. While you sit back and relax, let the professionals go to work on pampering your tootsies and getting them in prime shape for sandal season. The pedicure usually consists of a foot soak, exfoliation through use of a pumice stone and other dead skin removal tools, a foot massage, having your feet dipped into a paraffin wax treatment which is then peeled away, revealing soft, smooth skin. From there, a leg massage, hot towels applied to your legs, and having your toe nails clipped and shaped, painted and primped will usually ensue. It’s an exceptionally rewarding and relaxing experience. As a tip, when heading to your favorite salon, wear capris or shorts to make it easier for the expert to access your calves and feet, and make it a more relaxing experience for you.  

Woman getting her legs exfoliated with a pumice stone.

Treat Yourself to a Feet Peel
Feet peels are the newest innovation in feet care. Popular natural skin care company, Perfectly Posh Cosmetics, has developed one of the most intense and absolutely amazing feet peel kits on the market, known as the Heebie Jeebie Foot Peel Kit. This reasonably priced kit will provide you with enough product to apply to both feet. Over the course of 3-7 days, the peel will begin to work its magic – peeling away all of the dead, nasty skin from your feet – leaving you with the softest feet you’ve had in a long time. This kit is a bestseller, and has quickly become one of the favorite products from the brand due to how well it works – and how ridiculously inexpensive it is.

Woman moisturizing her legs.

Hardcore Moisturization
When it comes to your feet, they could always use an extra dose of moisture. Our feet go through a lot on a daily basis, from walking around barefoot, to wearing heels, and even facing neglect. One of the best things we can do for our feet is to moisturize them in overdrive. This can be done by applying a heavy, thick cream to your feet at night before bed and putting some heavy duty socks on. Another method is to apply Vaseline to your feet at night, wrap them in plastic wrap, and then apply a heavy pair of socks before resting for the night. Awake in the morning to soft, supple feet you will adore.

Woman applying pink nail polish on her fingernails.

Paint Your Toes
Along with maintaining your feet and ensuring there is no dry skin to be had, painting your toes is almost essential when it comes to sandal weather. Opt for summery colors such as neons, pinks, orangey-reds, and other fun summer colors such as aqua or teal. Or, you could get creative and add scenes to your toes such as palm trees, beach scenes, and more. When in doubt, opt for a simple French manicure on your toes – but you don’t want to leave them undone. Play up how hard you work on your feet and keep them looking their best in your new favorite pair of sandals!

Woman wearing a toe ring.

Toe Jewelry
Toe jewelry such as toe rings are always a fun addition to your summer look. There are many different types and styles of toe rings to choose from, and they can really add something to your sandal look. Give a toe ring a try if you are searching for that perfect summer accessory.