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Gigi Hadid is always making a style statement, isn’t she? There’s a reason she’s a supermodel, after all! But it’s not just while she’s on the job that she looks great, she’s been known to make statements of her own in her ‘off duty’ style looks. Recently, Gigi stepped out in a waist length ponytail look and we were in LOVE with it. There’s something about waist length hair lately…we just can’t get enough. Of course, growing your hair to be long enough to achieve a waist length pony can be quite time-consuming. Fortunately, you can get a waist length pony like Gigi Hadid without growing out your own hair.

Get the Right Color
Experts often share that one of the biggest hair extension mistakes they notice is that users don’t get the right color. Matching your hair perfectly with your hair extensions is a must to achieve that natural look. Keep in mind that generally the hair color at our roots is different than the rest of our hair, so it’s suggested to use root touch up coloring or ask your hair colorist to color the extensions to match your natural hair in a more flawless manner.  When your hair is being pulled back into a waist length pony, all the hair is together so it’s much easier to notice color differences.

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Style Your Hair and the Extensions Before Placing Them 
Before you add the extensions to your hair, most experts in hair extensions suggest to style your extensions and your natural hair into the texture that you want. This way you won’t be fussing around with the clip-ins in your hair and they’ll hold much better. The final step before adding the extensions into your hair should be to tease the roots of your hair to add volume so it helps to mask the clip ins more naturally.

It’s All About Placement
While there are clip-on ponytail extensions, they tend to look rather fake when applied to the hair. To get a much more natural ponytail look with extensions, hair expert Jen Atkin has shared to place some extensions in areas you would normally place them, but also add them in an upside down placement so you’re adding volume/hair to the underneath area of the ponytail. She shared this tip with Cosmopolitan magazine, and we think it’s genius!

Have Your Stylist Shape Them
Waist length extensions are, well…really long. For some reason many people feel that if you are styling very long extensions into a ponytail,  the ends/shape of the extensions are irrelevant, but that’s just not the case. Having your hair stylist cut and create some shape in your extensions is a crucial step to really creating that natural look, and feel with extensions. Since they’re generally purchased with the hair all one length, adding depth and layers seems like something simple but will really pull the entire look together.

Would you try waist length extensions?