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Color treating your hair is one of the many joys in the hair world. The options…are limitless! So many women (and men) enjoy mixing up their look by changing their hair color, it’s such a great way to express yourself and experiment with your personal style. Now if you do color treat your hair, chances are you’ve had situations that may have led to the color not lasting quite as long as you’d like-or just feeling like the color isn’t as protected and preserved as you’d like. Sound familiar? The good news is  we’re sharing four ways to protect your color treated hair.

Maintain Moisture
Color treating hair tends to strip a lot of natural moisture out of the hair, the problem with that is our hair needs moisture to maintain its health and have the ability to protect itself. If you really want to keep your color treated hair protected, making moisture and conditioning a main focus in your hair care routine is an absolute must. Between the hair care products you use and the steps you take in your routine, always focusing on ways to add moisture to and conditioning to your hair will help you with that protection.

Use the Right Products
We mentioned the products you use when talking about moisture and conditioning, obviously using the right type of hair care products is going to play a huge role in that. Of course you want products that are going to add moisture and conditioning benefits to your hair when using them, but you always want to ensure that the products you use are formulated to work with color treated hair.

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Watch the Heat
It’s clear that moisture and conditioning are essential to maintaining protected, color treated hair. Since our hair does tend to lose a lot of those elements naturally watching how often your hair is exposed to heat is absolutely necessary. There are quite a few different ways our hair is exposed to heat. When you spend time outdoors in the summer, the sun can wreak havoc on color treated hair from the heat. In that type of situation, keeping your hair covered can help with protection. In addition to the sun, using hot water and heated styling tools can also do a lot of damage to color treated hair. Scaling back on how often you use heated styling tools will help tremendously with this. Also, avoiding using HOT water when washing your hair-instead always opt for warm.

Don’t Wash Too Often
Speaking of washing hair, since you need to focus on maintaining moisture in your hair cutting back on how often you’re actually washing your hair is another great way to protect color treated hair. Washing hair strips the hair of the natural moisture it has-so you can understand how washing too often can be damaging. Instead, stick to washing hair a maximum of 2-3 times per week and utilizing a dry shampoo formulated for color treated hair.