woman applies lip balm

With the winter season, we tend to be faced with dealing with dry, cracked lips on a pretty regular basis. Since the climate doesn’t have a lot of moisture, and is pretty dry, our skin tends to feel the effects of that and ends up being pretty rough on our skin. You’ve probably experienced dry, cracked lips this time of year–if you don’t currently have them. Often when you’re dealing with this lip struggle it seems like no matter how much lip balm you apply it’s hard to get any real relief. Well, fortunately for you, we’ve found some great tips to fix dry lips and we’re dishing on what we know!

Think that exfoliating is just for your face and body? Don’t forget about your lips! When you have dry, cracked lips, it’s essential to get some exfoliating into your skin care routine. Exfoliating is great at eliminating dead skin cells, and it can also help so that your moisturizing products are absorbed better into the skin (since they’re not having to be stopped by the dead/dry skin cells).

Drink More Water
We know, you’ve heard about drinking water for your skin time and time again–but it’s because it really does play a major role in our skin’s health and appearance. If you have dry, cracked lips it could be an indication you’re not as hydrated as you need to be.  Up your water intake and really make sure that you’re making drinking water a priority in your daily activities. Drinking enough water is going to do wonders for helping to fix and heal your dry, cracked lips from the inside out, giving you a lot more nourishment that your body needs.

Use a Great Lip Balm
Of course you need to make sure that you’re applying lip balm to keep your lips moisturized, but it’s not enough to just use any old lip balm. Experts suggest that using the right kind of lip balm is just as important as actually using one. For starters, it’s suggested to avoid lip waxes of any kind and stick strictly to lip balms–they tend to be much more moisturizing for the lips and waxes tend to dry. In addition, look for lip balms that have ingredients like Shea butter and vitamin E. Both of these ingredients are very moisturizing and will help to actually heal your dry, cracked lips in a much more effective way. Be sure to apply your lip balm after you exfoliate, as well as regularly throughout the day. Some suggest to even apply BEFORE you cleanse your face, as some facial cleanser can cause dryness on the lips to occur.

Protect Your Lips
Since this time of year tends to be filled with a lot of different weather elements, those things can cause your already dry, cracked lips to become even more uncomfortable. The best way to avoid your lips from being negatively affected is to cover them when you’re outside with a scarf so they’re not being as affected.