Planning your wedding should be an exciting time, not a stressful one. Choosing your perfect stylist to complete your hair look should also be just as exciting, and also, should be a pain-free experience. With a little luck and a lot of research, you should be able to find a stylist to complete your look with no problems. Lionesse has some tips to help you choose the perfect stylist for your destination wedding, no matter where you’re planning on heading to. Read on for some helpful tips and tricks.

Woman talking to her wedding planner.

Ask Your Wedding Planner
Chances are, you’ve got a wedding planner handling all of the big and small details. Wedding planners tend to know quite a few people, including stylists, and if your wedding is meant to be abroad, you will want to ask her recommendations or if she knows anyone who knows anyone. Don’t take their word for it, though – always check out the stylist’s work and portfolio. Every stylist who is worth anything will have a website and or portfolio for you to view and see if their work is what you are looking for. If they don’t, or you don’t like their style, move on.

Woman talking to her friend over coffee.

Ask Friends and Family
Perhaps you have friends who have had weddings or who have attended weddings in the same area in which you are to be married. Maybe they can get the name of the stylist their friend may have used, or that they have used themselves, and pass it along to you. It never hurts to ask. Also, they can keep their eyes peeled when perusing the internet for stylists you might like.

Woman researching on the internet.

Research the Internet
When asking your wedding planner, friends and family fail to provide the results you’re looking for, you can always turn to Google for the answer. Nowadays, it’s easier than ever to find what you’re looking for, no matter the service, on the internet. Once you’ve found the stylist of your dreams, you need to hurry up and book them.

Woman consulting a stylist.

Book In Advance
Booking your stylist in advance will ensure you’re locked into their schedule. What a terrible situation if you wait until the last minute, procrastinate, and then lose out on a spot with your perfect stylist. Avoid that by booking your stylist in advance.

Woman talking on the phone.

Coordinate Your Stylist & Makeup Artist
If possible, co-ordinating your stylist and makeup artist so that they can work together on the perfect style for you would be ideal. CC’ing them on e-mails, text messages and scheduling conference calls will be the best course of action so that a look that works beautifully can be scheduled together between both parties. If possible, try to see if you can get one stylist to do both the hair and the makeup to cut down on the amount of people bustling around your hotel room. If that’s not possible, the best thing you can do is coordinate your stylist and MUA together.

Woman checking out the latest styles in a salon.

Communication is Key
Communicate with your stylist often. Ask as many questions as you have, but try to fit them all into one e-mail rather than bombarding the stylist with consecutive emails on a daily basis to avoid frustration on her part. Be sure to ask any questions you have, and show pictures if you have them, of the style you would like to achieve. If you want style inspiration, a great way to find it is to look in hair style magazines and online.

Bride-to-be getting ready for the big day.

Try Your Style
If you are able to dish out the money to either fly your stylist in for a trial run on your style, or go meet with her at her location, that would be your best bet. It’s a great way to see how long the style will actually take to complete, and what style will work best for you.