vintage hair

The idea of beauty and perception of beauty has evolved and has had major changes over the years.  Beauty is definitely something that is constantly changing in our world, and will likely continue to do so.  It’s always interesting to take a look back at history to see what was considered beautiful at that time, to really see the differences compared to the current beauty standards.  Since we’re all about time and beauty this week, there’s no better time than now to discuss the past fifty years of beauty.  Ready to take a walk through history?


The 60’s
It’s hard to believe that fifty years ago was during the 60’s era, it was definitely an era that was a massive change from what had been before it.  Many of us often think of the sixties in conjunction with Woodstock and the very natural beauty looks that were so popular.  It was during a time that women did not want to fit into a mold, but rather embrace their bodies and beauty as they were.  Makeup was pretty minimal (if any) during the 60’s and it was all about being unique and yourself.  Pretty awesome, right?

The 70’s

After the free flowing vibes of the 60’s we made our way into the 70’s that was known as the disco era.  It was quite the transition from the unique, easy going vibes the 60’s had and we began to see women dressing in high-waisted tight jeans and slim fitting tops.  Of course, we can’t forget about the ever popular hairstyle from Farrah Fawcett that boosted voluminous curls and feathered bangs.  Women were eager to be thin, to fit into the tight fitting clothes, and the evolution of the desire to be tan became popular during this time.

The 80’s
So many people that were around in the 80’s all say “what were we doing?” it’s definitely an era that was known for having some out there styles and beauty looks.  Instead of the feathered hair, there was BIG hair and a LOT of makeup (especially in bold colors).  The rise in aerobic wear became more accepted to wear on a daily basis and models began to have even more influence over beauty trends, along with the desire to have bodies like the aerobics instructors on TV’s across the world.

90s hair

The 90’s
We made yet another transition from colorful, bold looks to the grunge styles of the 90’s.  There was a big split between beauty ideals during the 90’s from some women seeking to have that ultimate grunge look completely with flannel and other women desperately wanting to look like the models that were gracing magazines at the time.  However, there was a lot of emphasis on looking incredibly thin (almost sickly at times).

The 00’s
Once the millennium struck some may have thought some of the beauty standards would have changed, however, there’s still immense pressure to be thin and the rise in plastic surgery has grown.  There are a lot of different trends when it comes to beauty and fashion in the 00’s, though.

Do you have a favorite era?  What do you think has changed the most in fifty years of beauty?