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If you caught any of the MTV VMA’s recently or saw pictures from the red carpet, or just heard some buzz around the show you probably heard about Alicia Keys showing up to the award show makeup FREE.  It’s a bold move considering these types of award shows are so heavily influenced and focused around what our favorite celebs are wearing and what they look like as they walk across the red carpet.  But it’s not just Alicia Keys that’s making waves in the industry by showing up makeup free, other celebs are starting to post more pictures of themselves on social media without any makeup, and even doing makeup free photo shoots.

Mila Kunis recently posed for the cover of Glamour magazine without any makeup on.  Considering the backlash the editorial industry gets for using photoshop and heavy amounts of makeup on the models and cover girls, we’d say this is a HUGE step.  In the article, Mila actually admitted that she rarely wears makeup in her normal life and absolutely hates photoshop.  Considering we do live in a world where we expect perfection to grace the covers and there’s been so much buzz around makeup, photoshop and lighting that’s involved in editorial campaigns Mila really made a huge impact on that industry by agreeing to pose without makeup on.

Alicia Silverstone may be best known for her ultra-glam role in Clueless, but in her real life, she’s a makeup free posting selfie kinda girl.  Based on her posts, she’s barely aged at all and seems to have some incredible skincare secrets.  She’s shared that she’s really all about keeping the beauty routine pretty natural, which is likely why she has amazing skin!  But in all honesty, someone like Alicia who has the spotlight and critics on her could shy away from posting makeup-free selfies.  But instead of letting what others think of her get in the way, she embraces who she is and posts them regardless.  It may seem like a little thing, but because women face so much pressure when it comes to looking glam all the time it’s incredibly inspiring!

Alicia Keys
Rena Schild / Shutterstock.com

Of course, Alicia Keys is one of the celebs that are making the biggest impact when it comes to makeup-free looks.  She’s recently been making more and more statements showing up makeup free, and we’re all taking note.  Alicia didn’t just show up to the VMA’s makeup free but she’s also done other appearances and photo shoots without any makeup.  She’s shared that her choice in going makeup free is more about embracing her natural beauty, claiming that she feels a sense of strength and freedom from doing so.  Regardless, it can be difficult for many women to wrap their minds around showing up to such a publicized event without ANY makeup on.  But you know what?  That’s SO inspirational and an incredibly powerful way to make a positive impact on the world.  Instead of focusing on her makeup, we’re able to actually SEE Alicia for her talent and who she is as a woman.

What do you think of celebs going makeup free?