Little girls love to play dress up, walk around the house in their mom’s high heels holding a huge, oversized purse, and a hat far too big for their head. The love fashion and feeling pretty and girly. When it comes to birthday parties – what better party theme to afford a little girl than a fashion inspired birthday party? It’s the perfect combination of femininity and glamour all rolled into one – and her friends will adore it as well. Lionesse takes a look at some of the best fashion inspired birthday theme ideas for inspiration in the article below.

Little girl clicking a selfie.

Fashion Show/ Runway Theme
What better way to throw a fashion inspired birthday party than with a fashion show and runway theme? Have all of the girls bring something they love to wear, whether it’s a pretty dress or fashionable pants they love – and pair them with a treasure trove of costume jewelry you can get ready for everyone, packed full of necklaces, earrings, feather boas, and sunglasses as well as hats. This can be one of the activities they can do for the birthday party – or, you could create a runway at the door so as soon as they walk in, they will feel like supermodels! Have someone stationed at the doorway to be the ‘Paparazzi’ and take pictures of all the girls as they enter, which they can bring home with them after the party. Have runway themed upbeat music playing in the room as the girls walk in, and they’ll feel like total superstars!

Little girls buying clothes.

Fashion Designer Theme
As another option, having a fashion designer themed party would be fabulous for your little angel as well. You could opt for designers you and she both love, and pass out goodie bags (which could actually be bags you order from the designer store yourself; most stores will either give these away or charge you a fee for them) from the store, filled with girly things like designer perfume samples, sunglasses, lip gloss, and even a gift card to the store for a small amount as a thank you for attending the party. You could decorate the party room with the designer’s signature colors, signage, and even pictures or posters.

Birthday girl cutting the cake.

Fashion Shaped Foods and Snacks
Having fashion shaped foods such as a shoe shaped cake is a great way to get everyone into the spirit of the party while adding fashion forward flair to the mix. You could also arrange fashion shaped cheese and hors d’eourves on a platter with sparkling grape juice to keep it fancy.

Young girl getting a new hairstyle

Makeover Station
What fashion themed birthday party would be complete without a makeover station? Have someone available to give the girls a simple makeover or manicure – and to go the extra mile, have a hair stylist available to give them all fashion forward hairstyles.

Little girl playing with paints on a crafts table.

Fashion Inspired Craft Activities
All of the girls that attend the party could gather around a craft table and create a fashion inspired craft. Craft stores sell many different girly themed craft wood pieces, or even foam pieces, such as shoes, purses, and more – have everyone paint their own fashion piece, and adorn it with glitter, sequins, and more. Or, everyone could make a purse – there are many different purse making kits available in the store, and they usually make 2-6 purses from one kit.