couple having fun in fall season

Summer is quickly coming to a close, and while we all enjoy the sunshine and all the activities there’s also something really fun about fall. If you’re in a relationship you probably spent a lot of the summer doing activities with groups of friends and family, it tends to be a season about bigger groups and parties rather than couple activities. We got to thinking and realized that fall is couple’s season, its great weather and it’s typically not too cold to still enjoy some outdoor activities and things. We thought it would be fun to share some activities for couples to do in the fall season to really make the most of it.

Make it a Spa Date
This isn’t necessarily strictly a fall activity, but we’re all about a little pampering especially with your significant other. Since you’ve both likely spent a lot of time outdoors and getting back into the swing of your typical routine, it’s a great time to pamper yourselves. Not to mention, it’s a nice romantic experience to head to the spa with your significant other. Book a couple’s massage and make a day of it by grabbing a nice relaxing lunch or dinner someplace before or after. It’s a really great way to bond and spend quality, relaxing time with your other half. Since most of us are constantly on the go, taking the time to step back and relax is so enjoyable!

Go to an Orchard
Depending on where you live, heading to a pumpkin or apple orchard is a really fun place to go with your other half. It’s something that is typically just done in the fall season, so taking advantage of the unique experience and heading over with your significant other will definitely be an enjoyable experience. Since it’s not super cold out, it’s also a great way to do something outside before it does get too cold out. Make it fun and enjoy a warm beverage while you’re there and just take your time – this is your time to enjoy each other’s company so don’t rush it!

couple having fun during a music festival

Head to a Festival
One of the other fun things about the fall season is it seems like there’s some sort of festival going on almost every weekend. Look at a calendar for your local area to find what festivals are going on during the fall, pick one or two of your favorites and set the date! Festivals are great because again you’re getting outside to enjoy the weather while you can, and there’s something so relaxing about just walking around casually to enjoy a festival.

Take a Picnic
Sure, picnics may typically be known for being more of a summer thing but why can’t they be fall, too? We think fall is the perfect time to enjoy a picnic with your significant other, the weather is crisp and enjoyable. Picnics are great because you can be super casual and just enjoy each other’s company. We’re big on bringing a basket with some wine, cheese, and just a few snacks. You’re able to get to enjoy the picnic experience without over complicating things.

Do you have a favorite fall date idea you enjoy?