It’s every girl’s dream to be able to loudly and proudly say: “Eyebrows on fleek!”

We may not realize it, but one of the first things people notice about others’ faces are his or her eyebrows. A lot will agree when I say that eyebrows are a true asset. 

During unexpected gatherings, reunions, or parties, having good-looking eyebrows is one way to spice up your look. Who wouldn’t want natural accessories, right?

However, since we are all individually unique beings, we all have different shapes and sizes in terms of face and eyebrows. This is why it’s important to get to know your facial features, and with this, you’ll know how to get THE eyebrows you’ve always wanted. 

What Are Eyebrows For?

First off, what’s the point of having eyebrows? 

Eyebrows aren’t solely about style. They also shield us from potential harm that may damage our vision. In the most basic sense, our eyebrows function as armor for us to avoid getting particles in our eyes such as dust, rain, sweat, and other things. Not only do eyebrows benefit us physically, but it’s also one of the main features of our face which help us express emotions more evidently. 

Many fashion icons around the world like Lily Collins, the Kardashians, Cara Delevigne, Emma Watson, Lucy Hale, and so much more are well-known for their gorgeous eyebrows. But for those who aren’t so near to reaching their Hollywood dreams, we might just have the tips and tricks to let you have those red carpet ready eyebrows. Are you ready?

Ready Your Armor

In every fashion dilemma, comes a set of tools you’ll be needing for battle. Having perfect eyebrows isn’t always easy. It entails a lot of sacrifice and determination, for you to have your ideal type. With this, it’s important to know which items are the real must-haves when it comes to eyebrow shaping.

Eyebrow Pencil

The eyebrow pencil literally gives the life to your brows. These babies are the ones that will either make or break your look. It’s important to ensure you have your own trusted brand so that you won’t have a hard time!


To do the basics of eyebrow plucking, of course, you’ll be needing a bunch of tweezers! Tweezers are usually used to pull out some extra hairs so that we can get those brows on fleek.

Eyebrow Scissors

For those with fuzzy eyebrows, it’s important to have this really basic tool at hand. Before starting anything, you’ll be needing this to minimize the volume of your brows so you can fill it more properly as well!

Eyebrow Brush

Before we cut some hairs, it’s important to brush them as well! The eyebrow brush is an optional tool but can be very handy as you go along in shaping your eyebrows.

Calming Cream

Every operation needs some needed relaxation. It’s really true that sometimes, the redding of the eyebrows and its nearby parts can show after a plucking or shaping session. With this, having some calming cream or facial oil can be beneficial, so you can help your brows recover from a beauty makeover and avoid growing some pimples!

Now that we have our tools ready, it’s time to know the basics. Maybe you’re wondering…


The Step-by-Step Process

Shape Changes Everything 

Eyebrows give us life. We are all made of different shapes and sizes, and with this, we have to know which styles suit us best. In general, people have 6 kinds of face shapes.

What are those?

  1. Long-shaped
  2. Heart-shaped
  3. Diamond-shape
  4. Square-shaped
  5. Round-shaped
  6. Oval-shaped

Worry not, because having different face shapes doesn’t mean there’s something wrong with you. It just means there are more ideal eyebrow shapes and styles that are more suitable for you!

Through Thick and Thin

If couples stay together through thick and thin, so do eyebrows! Each one has a different rate of eyebrow thickness, and these tiny details are important to know so that you can be guided in shaping your own brows.

Having thick or thin eyebrows determines the extent of how you’ll do your eyebrows. It’s important to snip some of it so that there won’t be any excess hair that might look inappropriate when you finish your look.

Brush It

Once you have gotten to know your eyebrows well, it’s time to battle! 

Using your eyebrow brush, slowly brush your eyebrows to the side where it naturally swoons into. This is a critical step so that you’ll know how your eyebrows grow.

Draw the Goal

After you’ve brushed your eyebrows to see it’s natural pattern, you can now use your eyebrow pencil. Draw the eyebrow outline following its natural shape, exceeding your actual eyes but not reaching your temples.

Tip: The start of each brow should be parallel, and it should somehow align with your nostrils.

Don’t know which style to do in drawing your eyebrow shape? We got you covered!

Here are a few eyebrow shapes you can find inspiration to know what suits you best:

– Neatly Curved: Simply curved eyebrows are the kind of shape wherein perfect symmetry can be evidently seen. Maintaining curvy eyebrows are pretty simple as most women have that kind of natural eyebrow growth pattern. It’s pretty neat and straightforward, but can be a challenge to maintain.

– Short but Simple: Another type of eyebrow shape is the short but simple kind. These kinds of eyebrows are normally seen in Asian superstars. These kinds of shapes don’t really focus on arches and high curves, but as the name says, just short but simple. 

Short but simple eyebrow shapes are well-recommended for people whose eyebrows aren’t really puffy and thick, so that you don’t overdo your eyebrows but still able to keep its charm.

– Round and Clean: Round and clean eyebrows are the brow shape which is usually used in formal meetings or formal work. This shape focuses on the starting point of your brows, making it really equally round. Although this shape is very tedious to do, it can give you the professional look you need especially for corporate and business events you have to go to.

Shaping round eyebrows

– Lady Boss Arch: The ‘Lady Boss’ arch is the type of eyebrow shape that gives you the superior kind of image. This is basically having an eyebrow shape with a high arch. However, keep in mind that drawing this kind of shape will need a lot of expertise so make sure to regulate the arch as not to make it too high, resulting in an awkward bossy look.

– Pointy-Edged: Also one of the common eyebrow shape styles that are used by most women is the pointy-edged eyebrow. In this eyebrow shape, the goal is to have the eyebrow’s body look naturally good, slowly shaping the tips of the eyebrow to make it sleek and sharp. 

Different eyebrow shapes

Now that you know the common eyebrow shapes, it’s now up to you what kind of style you’ll do for yourself.

After having drawn the curved lines on your brows, know if it’s the right direction so that you won’t make any crucial mistakes. The line will now be your guide as you continue along your fleek-on journey.

Remove the Excess

Now that you’ve drawn the natural direction of your eyebrows, you can easily filter out which ones will be the ‘excess.’ 

The excess hair that goes beyond the natural line of your eyebrows should be removed using your eyebrow tweezers so that it doesn’t make your brows look odd.

Shape It

Once you’ve removed the excess parts of your eyebrow body, using the tweezers and your other eyebrow tools, gently shape your ideal eyebrows.

Eyebrow tweezing

This step is important because this will serve as the ultimate base of your eyebrows. By shaping, you just have to pluck some hairs according to its natural shape so that it will look better and neater.

Fill It Up

Once you’ve successfully shaped and trimmed your eyebrows, it’s now time to give it a fuller look. Using your trusted eyebrow pencil, slowly and gently draw a few strokes through the body and tip of your newly shaped eyebrows. This will help give your eyebrows a fuller and livelier look.

After filling it up gently, brush through it to evenly scatter the particles so that the eyebrow pencil would look more natural on your face. In doing so, you’ll look more sleek and fabulous.

Note: If you have other eyebrow tools, it’s also helpful to have some brow powders or gel! This will help your eyebrows look thicker, only if you wish to do so.

Bring Life To Your Face

A lot of fashion and eyebrow enthusiasts like to experiment and play with their own eyebrows. This is absolutely optional, but if you’re the daring type, it’s also possible to play with different colors that may suit you and your eyebrows.

For those who want to keep it natural:

Stick to your own hair color. When choosing eyebrow pencils, eyebrow fillers, and other make-up finds, make sure to be cautious of the color. Sometimes, what it looks like on the outside, doesn’t look well on your brows!

What I suggest is for you to give it a natural glam by filling it in using the color of natural self.

For those who want an ecstatic and exciting look:

Experiment! For some fashion icons, they’re fond of trying out different colors that are far from usual. If you’re this type of person though, the sky’s the limits. 

Although some would consider their skin tone with the eyebrow pencil color they’re choosing, some wouldn’t mind and just go with wherever their hearts take them. You do you, sister!

The Brow Code

Before going into something, it’s important to know some unsaid rules in the fashion world, especially when it comes to eyebrow shaping!

What am I talking about?

1. Do everything BUT shave your eyebrows.

It’s important to avoid shaving your eyebrows because the blades might touch some areas that would affect its growth. You might not bring some back to normal… and we don’t want that.

2. Don’t shape your eyebrows too often.

Just like humans, your eyebrows also need a break! As much as we’d want the perfect eyebrows all day every day, know how to care for them as well. After having just shaped your eyebrows, refrain from touching it again and again! Give it at least 6 to 7 weeks breathing time so that it can ready itself for another beauty session (if you want to)!

3. Do know what’s best for you.

You know yourself best and alongside this is knowing the best style for your face shape. We gave you the guide, but you’ve still got to decide, so make sure to choose carefully! Avoid shaping it too narrowly that it looks too thin already. You don’t want aging-looking eyebrows right? 

Make sure to follow our bro(w) code so you can be guided every time you do your eyebrows. Wink! 

What’s the Point?

Now that you’re familiar with how to give yourself the fabulous on fleek eyebrows you want, what’s the point?

Well to start, there are a lot of benefits in knowing how to shape your own eyebrows. 

To name a few:

1. More Savings

Knowing how to shape your own brows can save you a lot of money. Of course, we love our eyebrow shapers, but knowing how to do it yourself can help you save a little more instead of going to the salon and seeking assistance.

2. Flexible Time

If you know how to shape your own brows, you can do it anytime, anywhere! Think it’s too long, then all you have to do is do the magic yourself! What a convenience, right?

3. On Fleek Anytime, Anywhere

Have an unexpected party to go to? No need to panic since you know all the do’s and don’ts already! You’ll always be ready to meet new people and show off those good-looking brows!

With all these tips and tricks, I hope you’re now more confident to do your own brows! Have any on-fleek story you want to share with us? Comment it down below!

To more eyebrow-friendly and on-fleek days!

Eyebrows have quickly become a major focal point in the makeup world.  Thanks to beauty bloggers on Instagram most of us now realize the importance of eyebrows, and shaping them properly.  While you may know that filling and shaping your brows is important and can really highlight/frame your face in a really natural and beautiful way…you might still be wondering how to make shaping your eyebrows in an easy way.   We want you to feel empowered and confident to shaping your eyebrows, so we’re sharing some of our must-know tips to eyebrow shaping made easy.

Determine Your Starting and Stopping Point of the Brow

To figure out where your brows should start and stop take a brush and point it up from the outside of your nose so it goes straight up towards your forehead.  Where the brush (or whatever you use) goes near your brow should be where your brows start – anything that’s past that should be removed.  Then take same brush and place it where it goes from the outside of your nose and the outer corner of your eye to the end of your brow – where it lands is where the brow should stop.

Create the Lines

Now that you know where your brows will stop and start, it’s time to get started!  The first step to actually creating the shape and filling in the brows is to take your brush or pencil and line the bottom of your brows.  Next line the top of the brow but only going from the middle of the brow to the end (outer corner).

Blend it Out

Now that you’ve created the defined lines, you’re going to want to blend them so they’re not TOO harsh.  Using a spoolie, go through the brows and blend the product lightly.  Once you’ve done that you can go in with your pencil/brush with more product to fill in more of the center of the brow (make sure you do so lightly so you don’t have TOO much product on your brows) and then blend again.  Blending is super important so that it softens the brows, without completely taking the product away.

Highlight Your Brow

Finally, take a light colored concealer and apply it to the area right under the brow.  This helps to highlight the brow as well as further define and really give it a clean line/finish.  Use a small brush to apply so you’re able to be precise.  You don’t need to be perfect when applying the concealer, once you’ve applied it blend it with a sponge or just use your finger.

There are a ton of eyebrow stencil kits available on the market now, if you’re not quite confident going in free-handed.  Although, just like anything else makeup related it just takes a little practice and getting used to doing the process.  Once you get the hang of it, you’ll be able to breeze through the process very quickly.  This process is a great way to shape your brows, super easy, and really frame your face.

Do you have a must-have eyebrow shaping technique you live by?