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Emma Watson has grown into quite a powerful woman and actress. Chances are you probably know her from her breakout role in the Harry Potter franchise, and she’s been a part of quite a few other films and projects since the franchise wrapped. However, recently she’s been seen everywhere since she was in the remake of the Beauty and the Beast. She’s an actress that’s been fortunate enough to be a part of huge blockbuster films, but that’s not all she’s known for. We’ve literally seen Emma grow up before our very eyes since the first Harry Potter movie. We’re all about taking a walk down memory lane and with Beauty and Beast being a huge hit, we can’t help but think of Emma Watson’s beauty evolution.

The Beginning of It All
Emma made a huge splash onto the Hollywood scene when she played as one of the stars of the mega-hit Harry Potter. When we first saw Emma on the red carpet, not playing her role as Hermione, she was a fresh-faced young teen. Her makeup look was very minimal, completely appropriate as she was such a young actress at the time, and her overall look was pretty subtle and natural. For the most part, she kept her hair styles pretty simple, relaxed but up with the teen trends. Her makeup was similar in that she wore very little, but was sure to include some essential lip gloss (every teen girl loves lip gloss!).

Emma Watson
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Stepping Into Her Own
After Emma was in the spotlight for a couple of years we began to see her play around with a little more makeup and wearing hair styles that were a bit more dramatic. Often stepping out onto the red carpet in updo’s that flattered whatever outfit she was wearing, you can tell she was really beginning to find herself and utilize her style as a way to express herself. In addition, we began to see a bit more makeup, but not over the top. She still kept things fairly natural but began adding a bit more eyeshadow colors to the mix.

Wrapping Up Hogwarts
Towards the end of the Harry Potter series, we began to see that Emma was getting a little more mature and adding a bit more drama to her beauty looks. Opting for bolder lip colors, heavier eye makeup and defined brows. But one thing still stayed fairly consistent was she still wasn’t doing a full face of heavy makeup.

Emma Watson
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Going Bold
After the Harry Potter series was completely wrapped, Emma stepped out in a beauty look that was completely different from anything we had seen her in before. She went for an extreme hair chop, pixie style and added some edge with darker eye makeup. It was a total shift, but also great to see Emma experimenting with her beauty look and really coming into her own style.

Fashion Icon Status
Really since around 2014 Emma has really come into her own style and beauty wise, being considered a fashion and beauty icon in her own right. We’ve seen her evolution and she’s definitely found her groove in what really works for her. Often opting for a fresh face type of makeup look, but playing up different color lips and defined brows. No one can deny, she always looks flawless!