honey face mask

Face masks are an incredible way to give your skin the extra boost of care that it needs to keep it glowing and clear.  If you’ve spent any time on sites like Pinterest or other social media channels, you’ve probably seen quite a few DIY face mask recipes making their way around the net.  The fun thing about some of these DIY type of face masks is that they incorporate things that you likely have in your pantry…meaning you can actually eat the ingredients.  We’re sharing some of the best edibles that belong in your face mask to give you some inspiration for creating your own face mask at home.

Did you think honey was just great for adding to tea or toast?  Well, it’s actually a widely used ingredient for DIY face masks with pretty versatile benefits.  You can pretty much find a honey face mask recipe for any skin care issue you’re looking to clear up.  Most impressively, honey has been found to work wonders in face mask form for acne, scars and adding moisture to the skin.  Pretty powerful, right?  The added bonus is honey tastes great, is natural, and you likely have it right in your pantry now – so you can use it to get some skin care results now.

Turmeric has been getting a lot of attention lately because of it’s incredible health benefits.  You’ve likely heard of people adding turmeric to certain recipes and smoothies to get the great benefits into their bodies.  But it’s not just for adding to your favorite food recipes, this edible can be added to your face mask, and it has pretty powerful benefits as well.  As it turns out, the benefits that our bodies get from turmeric when eating it – are very similar to the benefits that can be achieved when used in a face mask.  Turmeric has been found to be a great anti-inflammatory ingredient, plus it’s loaded with antioxidants.  So basically, it works wonders on your skin AND in your favorite food recipes.

avocado face mask

Who doesn’t love avocado?  Many of us have definitely grown to fall in love with this magical food, putting it on countless different food dishes to add that wonderful creaminess to a dish.  Let’s not forget, avocado is filled with some great sources of vitamins and healthy fats.  But this is an edible that’s not just great for eating, it’s also great to add to a face mask.  There are quite a few different face mask recipes you can find that include avocado, one of the best results that have been found from avocado is the hydration and anti-aging properties that make it up – making it a great addition to a face mask!  Plus, you can use the left over avocado for your favorite avocado meal.

Looking to find out more about edibles that are great for face masks?  There are quite a few edible, DIY options that have been found to work wonders on your skin and help you get results pretty quickly.