We’ve all been there: late night, early morning, barely enough time to grab a bagel before you’re out the door and on your way to the cubicle. For a lot of women, our hair is the last thing we take care of in the morning (many would choose the bagel over the blowout). But thanks to the burgeoning popularity of effortless, easy style, you don’t need a full hair care routine every morning to get your hair looking just as ready for the day as you are. Check out our eight favorite ways to style long hair on a busy morning with some dry shampoo, creative elastics, and super-cute hair accessories: so you’ll look good, and have that bagel.

Mary-Kate Olsen with Bedhed hair
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Beat Bedhead with Braids, Dry Shampoo, and Accessories
Ah, braids, the hairstyle of your childhood summer camps and high school soccer days. Don’t worry: now that you’re all grown up, braids are definitely still in style, just with a more mature twist. And headbands have strayed far from their athletic roots: there are tons of great headband choices, from professional to adorable. So grab your dry shampoo: here are some of our favorite ways to do a lazy-day braid and headband style.

Double braids

Double Trouble
Double braids can be intimidatingly childlike for some, but the right touches make this look less Parent-Trap-era Lindsay Lohan and more Rihanna. Try your double braids ultra-piecey and imperfect to make your look more boho, and finish with a texturizing hair spray for a beachy, California vibe.

Woman wearing headband

Perfect for keeping your hair out of your face while looking cute, headbands are perfect for an on-the-go morning. Simply spray your roots with a bit of dry shampoo, pull in your favorite headband, and head out the door!

Flower braid

Flower Braid
This one’s super easy: if your hair’s still greasy from the night before, throw some dry shampoo on your roots to liven up your post-shower volume. Then, pull back your hair halfway (starting right over your ears) in a half-ponytail. Secure, then braid your mini-ponytail, securing with a clear elastic. Curl your braid around the center of your ponytail, and voila: a five-second hairstyle that looks fresh out of a salon chair. Make sure to cover with some light hairspray in order to keep your do in place all day.

Creative braid hairstyle

Mermaid Braid
A favorite, the mermaid braid looks straight out of the sea with its imperfect pieces and breezy, sexy touch. To get this look, flip your hair over, and spray generously with dry shampoo. This will keep your hair nice and voluminous, and keep it from looking too “put-together”: we’re going for “effortless” here. Once you’ve applied the dry shampoo, wait for it to absorb any extra oil for a minute or two so you get the best bang for your buck. If your hair is sufficiently volumized, spray the front of your hair with light-hold hairspray, and, starting at the nape of your neck, braid your hair until you have a very small piece left. Secure with a clear elastic, add some sea salt spray, and you’re all set.

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