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If you have any sort of skin sensitivity you’ve likely felt frustration around it at some point or another.  Chances are you’ve felt like really dealing or knowing how to deal with your skin’s sensitivity is hard at times.  Unfortunately, there aren’t many people really talking about HOW to deal with it, so we’re sharing some tips to help you dealing with skin sensitivity in a more streamlined way.  Living with skin sensitivity doesn’t have to be as frustrating as it may seem, and we want to give you some tips to give you some more confidence with it.

Get Real With Your Skin Care Experts
The truth is many experts and consumers have found that their skincare products can be causing their skin sensitivity to arise or become worse.  With this being said, it can be frustrating to know what to even use.  If you’re dealing with any sort of skin sensitivity, it’s recommended to really get real with your skin care products that you’re using.  If you’re using products that have man-made ingredients, or ingredients that are known irritants it’s really important to try to eliminate them from your skin care routine.  There are plenty of skin care product options available now, so you truly don’t have to deal with skin care products that are causing you to have further sensitivity problems.  Start looking at the ingredients in your current skin care products, and start to get picky about what you actually use on your skin.

Avoid The ‘Hot’ Stuff
Many people with skin sensitivities tend to be highly affected by anything that can make them hot (or even flushed).  Meaning hot showers, hot water, even hot/spicy foods.  It can cause your skin to become even more sensitive and perhaps even break out into a sensitive outbreak.  Avoid the hot stuff and opt for options that are more luke warm or neutral, this way you’re not causing your skin to go haywire for something that may seem as simple as turning on a hot shower.

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Watch The Sun
While this applies to everyone, whether they have a skin sensitivity or not, it’s especially important for those with skin sensitivities.  The sun can really wreak havoc on your skin, so when you’re struggling with sensitivity problems the sun can cause even more problems to arise.  Make sure that you’re using a quality SPF product and minimizing the amount of time you’re in the direct sunlight.

Pay Attention To Your Triggers
Odds are if you’re dealing with a skin sensitivity, there are certain triggers that really affect your skin in a negative way.  Start to really pay attention to when you do have outbreaks or reactions, to really get in touch with what your triggers are.  If you’re not aware of what your triggers are it can be difficult to control them.  But when you’re able to get a good idea as to what triggers your skin to have outbreaks, it’s much easier to help you navigate and avoid those particular things so you don’t have to face the negative reactions as often if at all.