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Summertime brings with it lots of new fashion and style inspirations for everyday wear. Why should our nail art be any different? With pedicure season in full effect, manicures should also be on the top of our lists as well – and if they’re on your to-do list, you’ll need some cute mani inspiration for the summer months. Lionesse has compiled some cute mani ideas for summer to get you in the manicure mood – and hopefully, you will give one of these a try on your next visit to the salon.

Palm Tree Designs
Palm tree nail art is absolutely perfect for the summer months. Perhaps you could adorn two nails with a palm tree design, and create an ombre nail look on your other nails in some beachy colors like orange and pink, or neon green and teal blue.

Chevron Nails
The chevron pattern is popular this year, and even more so this season. You can opt for using nail stickers to keep your patterns completely perfect, or draw your own chevron pattern onto your nail with a thin nail art design brush. From there, you can choose summery color schemes and incorporate them into your look.

Bright Tie Dye Nails
Who would have thought the popular trend from the 70’s would make such a huge comeback? Now seen in summer nail art, the tie dye nail art design is pretty simple and easy to achieve by following helpful instructions found online in DIY tutorials. Tie dye nails give your fingers a bright conversation piece and make a loud statement. Give these a try before heading out to the beach, or out with friends this summer.

Solid Bright Colors
If you’re not much into opting for far out designs for summer, why not give a bright neon color scheme a try? Perhaps you could opt for a hot pink color across all nails but one, and then create a bright electric blue nail to contrast in color. A popular finger to choose to paint differently is the ring finger. Or, as another idea, you could choose to paint your nails all one solid color – but bright hues are perfect for summer. They don’t have to be neon, you can choose a bright purple or any other color you love.

French Manicure with Alternate Colors
Rather than opt for your typical French manicure, you could opt to use different colors for the tips and base for the nail. This is a fun spin on an age-old favorite nail look. Try adding in some glitter polish on the tips for some sparkle.