Woman with long hair

Want to create cute hairstyles but not spend your entire morning creating them? We’re right there with you. Really, who has the time to spend hours on just accomplishing a cut hair style. We’re all about making things easy, especially when it comes to hair styles. Fortunately, there are some truly cute hairstyles you can create in a flash. Seriously–a flash! Creating cute hairstyles don’t have to take a lot of time, energy or frustration and we’re sharing a few of our favorites to get you inspired.

Half Up Top Knots
Top knots have kind of been everything in the hair world for a while now, and they’re still maintaining their popularity, but we love a little mix up on an old classic. Half up top knots are the perfect cute hair style that you can create in very little time. Simply pull your hair back in a half up style, and secure the hair with a small hair band. Once you’ve done that just wrap the ponytail portion of the hair around in a top knot and BAM–you’re done. It really is that simple. The beauty of this hair style is that the less ‘perfect’ it is the better. Whether your hair is wavy, curly or straight you can work with it. Add a bit of texture into the hair style to create that effortless vibe with a texturizing spray and that’s really all it needs.

Woman with side braid

Side Braid
Braids are always so fun to add to your hair, and so often many people get intimidated by them feeling as though braids are really elaborate and complicated hair styles to actually achieve. But truthfully, you can whip a braided hair style together that looks complicated but really isn’t. Start by adding some texture to your hair with a texturizing spray or dry shampoo. Create a side part in your hair and then section off a portion of the front part of your hair, where you will create the braid, and tie the rest back into a ponytail/bun for the time being. Braid the hair that’s left down, after you create the braid you can release the ponytail hair and be done! Feel free to add waves or curls to the rest of your hair if you’d like. Pretty simple, huh?

Braided Bun
We know that braids can seem like they’re complicated, but this braided hair style is too cute and easy not to share. You can apply this to a half up style, or if you want all of your hair back (high bun, or low bun). Once you have your hair pulled back into a ponytail (whatever the size/height) create a braid in the ponytail. After you have the braid all the way to the bottom of the ponytail, secure it with a small hair band and then begin gently pulling at the hair to loosen up the braid portion a bit. Once you’ve loosened things up a bit simply wrap the braid around the base to create a bun shape and secure with bobby pins. Simple, easy and super chic.