Woman with curly hair

With practically every curly-haired girl that was ever born at one time or another desperately wishing that she had been born with smooth, flat, silky straight tresses, and some carrying this wish for their entire lifetimes, it’s refreshing and encouraging to see curly hair making it big on the scene–with an unlimited array of styles, lengths and curl sizes that truly rock the world of hairstyles. For many curly-haired beauties, this represents a significant return to their God-given assets, now seen more as enviable than something to cover up or undo. The following girls are keeping it lively via Instagram with curly hair hacks, promotions, styles and praise. It’s sheer worship for the divine curl that for so long took a back seat to slick and straight. The girl-curl, it seems, has (excuse the pun,) come full circle. Here are some of the top curly-girls to Instagram-follow:

No list of curly haired girls would be complete without a “hats off” to Eskimohair, who has made it possible for anyone desiring those tiny baby hair curls that are so big right now to have them whenever they desire. Her full tutorial is on YouTube, and it shows viewers how they can execute tiny ringlets all over, for a head full of curly, flirty fun. Entitled “How to Make Straight Hair Into Afro Hair Tutorial,” Eskimohair shows how to take thinly folded strips of aluminum foil to wrap small sections of hair around, then sealing the deal with a hot once over from a flat iron. Next, the strips are removed, and from there, it’s leave alone with a few head bobbles to loosen up curls, rake fingers through kind of randomly, or brush some and leave some. These curls are a must-have, for every straight-haired girl’s repertoire.

Heyfranhey’s celebrated style includes mixing up beautiful healthy hair tips with ones for improved fitness. She includes smoothie recipes, fitness challenges and curly hair care how-tos.

Here, we have two friends who began with a blog that centered around art, culture, style and beauty–which is inseparable from hair, of course!

Best known for her Curls and Cocktails meetups that Instagrammers with curly locks everywhere hope will come to their hometowns, Kenya’s #sizecheck produced afro picks everywhere, for expanding the curl presence.

Michaela and her curly selfies have certainly stirred up envy in the hearts of many a follower, with those big, beautifully defined curls that seem to adore her face. Surely she’s never known a bad hair day.

With an Instagram feed full of the most colorfully stunning photo lineup, Bri can fill your view with creative beauty, and in her world, hair rocks.

Summer began a YouTube venture in an effort for securing some advice for everything-curly hair. Her empire has expanded to Instagram, where fans can get their fill of great photos, and we love the ones that include her fiery red and golden hair effects.

Taren Guy
She rose to fame on YouTube, where she ruled for a good while, and via Instagram, Taren fans have another dimension of her stylings brand and fantastic fro.