The eighties boasted some of the most creative, yet ridiculous, styles and makeup looks to ever come to be. Women would do virtually do anything to turn their faces into a canvas full of brightly hued colors, and never blended their products, to boot. Brightly colored eyeshadow in two or three shades, bright pink lipsticks, hot pink blushers, and blush contouring were just a few of the various looks seen during this decade. Lionesse takes a closer look at some of the makeup offences of the 80’s, and shines a light on some makeup traditions from the era that have, thankfully, passed away long ago. It is our hope that none of which will resurrect.

Woman contouring her face.

Contouring Cheeks with Blush
Contouring the cheeks with blush may have seemed like a good idea at the time, but in today’s world, we know better. Women would contour the hollows of their cheeks with way too much product, never blending it out, and bring the blush all the way up to their temples and foreheads. It was a mess, to say the least. This was definitely a makeup no-no.

Woman applying a dark lip liner

Dark Lip Liner
Reminiscent of Pamela Anderson’s overly lined lips on Baywatch, the dark lip liner with or without lipstick is a total no no- and this was super popular during the 80’s. Madonna loved to rock the dark lined lip look with and without lipstick – then again, she’d wear just about any style.

Woman applying eyeshadow to brow bone

Wearing Eyeshadow to the Brow Bone
Brightly hued eyeshadow hues were raging hard in the 1980s – but if that wasn’t bad enough, most women would take the same hue all the way up to the eyebrow itself. This look is one we are so glad is gone – and hopefully, stays in the past.

Woman wearing pink blush

Hot Pink Blush
As women, we all love blush – but proper application and color can really make or break your look. Wearing a shade of hot pink blush is not now, nor has it ever been, nor will it ever be, a good look. In the 80’s, this was the go-to shade for all women. Ladies – as a tip, choose blusher colors that complement your skin tone – and steer clear of the brightly hued blush palettes.

Woman wearing orange lipstick.

Metallic Colored Lipstick
Also super popular in the 1990’s, metallic lip shades were very big during the 80’s. They had a tendency to make the skin appear washed out and, for lack of a better word, gross. There really was no need for that – what with all of the brightly colored eyeshadow and cheek colors going on. Metallic colors are hopefully gone for good.

Though we could go on for hours about many of the makeup styles and looks that drive us insane, we think you get the picture. Being that most makeup looks and trends are started by celebrities, let’s hope none of them get the idea of bringing any of these looks back. We would love for them to stay right where they are, in their respective final resting places, back in the 1980’s.