Lionesse Beauty Bar is delighted to introduce guest blogger, Sarah. Sarah is a makeup and hair lover who has spent countless hours trying out new makeup styles, learning makeup trends and trying out new hairstyles. We are excited to try out the hairstyles and makeup looks she will be presenting for us. Today, Sarah shows us how to do a beautiful, colorful smokey eye using Lionesse shimmers. 

Obtaining a smokey eye look isn’t necessarily difficult, and with a little practice, you can look like a pro did your eye makeup. Lionesse Mineral Pigment Shimmers are the perfect addition to any makeup routine for so many reasons. They make the eyes pop with shimmery, brilliant color, and they look fantastic every time. The pigments are long lasting in terms of wearability, and look absolutely stunning for Spring.

Today, I want to show you how you can complete your very own colorful smokey eye look using Lionesse Mineral Pigment Shimmers. I used the rose hued shimmer powder from Lionesse in SH-11, the gold hued shimmer powder in SH-20, which is my favorite, and the deep purple hued shimmer powder in SH-17.

The other items you will need are as follows:

  • Purple Eye Liner – I used a pencil, you can use liquid or gel liner if you’d like
  • Black Eye Liner – I used a pencil again – Perfection from Urban Decay, which is my favorite black pencil liner, very creamy and the blendability is fantastic
  • Shadow brushes
  • Mascara – I used Lights, Camera, Lashes from Tarte Cosmetics
  • Eyeshadow Primer
  • Highlighting Crème

Step One: Cleanse and Moisturize
Starting with a fresh face is essential. You want to make sure your face is clean, hydrated and beautiful before applying your pigment shadows.

Step Two: Apply Foundation

Applying your foundation will help your pigments adhere to the skin, providing long lasting wearability and a smoother application.

Step Three: Apply Eyeshadow Primer

Shadow primer helps the shadow to set and stay in place all day. It also helps the colors to shine through more brilliantly. Apply the primer all over the eye lid and blend well. I like to use my fingers for blending purposes.

Woman applies gold eye shimmer

Step Four: Apply Gold Shimmer Powder from Inner Corner to Mid Eyelid
Tap your shadow brush along the inner corner of your eye, to the mid eyelid with the gold shimmer powder. Don’t blend just yet.

Woman shows how to apply pink shimmer powder.

Step Five: Apply Pink Shimmer Powder from Mid Eyelid to Outer Eyelid
With another shadow brush, tap the pink shimmer powder along the remainder of the eyelid, blending into the gold powder. 

Woman applying purple shimmer on her eye lids for colorful smokey eye look.

Woman applying purple shimmer on her eyelid to create colorful smokey eyes look.

Step Six: Apply Purple Shimmer Powder to Outer Edge of Eye Lid and Blend
Lightly tap the purple shimmer powder onto the outer edge of the eyelid. Blend into the crease of the eye, and outwards. Also, blend gently into the pink and gold shadow.

Woman applying the purple color on her eye lids

Step Seven: Apply Purple Liner to Top Lash Line
Apply a thin layer of purple liner to the top eyelid, from the inner corner of the eye to the outer edge of the eye. Blend a bit with your fingers.  Also, repeat this process along the lower lashes, blending with your finger. 

Woman accents her top lash line with a black liner.

Step Eight: Accent Top Lash Line with Black Liner
In an even thinner line, apply black liner along the lash line, close to the inner edge of the lashes. Do this from the inner corner of the eye, to the outer edge of the eye.

Step Nine: Blend

Blend the colors together a bit to incorporate them one into the other, but don’t overdo it. You don’t want to lose the placement of each pigment, or blend them together so much you can’t recognize each individual color. 

Woman applying mascara on her eyelashes.

Step 10: Apply Mascara
Apply a layer of your favorite mascara to the top and bottom lashes. 

Woman applying highlighter on her eye area.

Step 11: Apply Highlighter to Inner Corner of Eye and Blend
Apply a highlighting crème to the inner corner of your eye and blend upwards and downwards, allowing for a beautiful shimmer to shine through and detract from any dark circles that may be present under the eyes. 

Woman with smokey eye look.

Woman showing off her colorful smokey eye look.

Bask in the beauty of a Lionesse Shimmer Colorful Smokey Eye!