Professional makeup colors

Color correcting has been a huge makeup craze sweeping across social media lately.  Those who follow beauty gurus on social media platforms know it’s almost impossible to keep up with the latest makeup application crazes happening.  However, the color correcting craze is one that can actually be incredibly beneficial for a lot of women.  To eliminate some of the overwhelm, we’re breaking down some of the basic colors and what they correct and how to use them.

Green is used to cancel out any redness in your skin.  So anytime you have a blemish or any redness appearing on your skin, it is suggested to apply some green tinted concealer UNDER your foundation.  The green cancels out the redness.

If you suffer from dark circles that tend to be more on the purple side, or just have areas of your skin that have a purple hint to them it’s advised to apply pink concealer under your foundation to help cancel that out.   This is specifically good for those with fair skin and dark circles or purple tones.

If you have dark under eyes or purple patches and have olive or tan skin, yellow is the answer for you!  The yellow will help cancel out the color and help adapt to your skin color, the pink can leave a different undertone to your skin that isn’t ideal.

So you’re probably thinking ok, so how do I actually use these color correctors?  With color correcting concealer it’s especially important to apply these colors prior to applying your foundation.  The reason being is you’re actually CORRECTING (duh, right?) the color of your actual skin first, so that when you go to then apply your foundation you don’t see the color correcting shades and they’ve blended in really well.  It’s important to pick the right color correcting products for your skin’s depth.  For instance, if you have very fair skin you’re not going to want a color corrector in a very deep color, and vice versa.  Consider your skin’s depth and find a color corrector that fits accordingly.  This will help make sure the application is more seamless and blends well with your skin’s color foundation.

If you have multiple colors that need to be corrected under your foundation, that’s ok!  Don’t feel like you have to be limited to only using one color correcting shade.  Use the shades that you need under your foundation and in the areas of concern.  Just remember that you will be applying a foundation and/or sheer concealer over the color correcting shades, with that in mind you’ll want to make sure you don’t load up your skin too heavily with product to end up with very heavy makeup on your skin.  Find concealers that work well and get the coverage done with minimal product applied so that you don’t end up feeling like you have an entire bottle of concealer on your face.

Happy color correcting!