Beautiful woman in a park

Music festivals have been around for decades! Today these festivals are held all across the country at various times of the spring and summer. What many fail to realize is that while this generation may attend the most festivals in a single lifetime, it was certainly not this generation that lit the match which started the music festival fire. Coachella, held in Indio, California, is arguably the most popular music festival today. However, if you were to ask the performers at Coachella, they would be happy to tell you that the go-to music festival in their day was Lollapalooza in Chicago, Illinois. Even before Coachella and Lollapalooza was the music festival that started it all: Woodstock of Ethel, New York.

This trio of music festivals has truly become classics of their own time. When thinking of classic music festivals, it can be hard not to let your mind wander to the realm of classic festival fashion. With the start of Coachella only a few days away, we here at Lionesse have been obsessing over our favorite, timeless festival looks. As you know, when we become fantasized by something, we certainly do not keep it to ourselves; bellow are some of our favorite, classic festival looks.

P.S. We also approve this list to double as your festival fashion inspiration list – especially when you find yourself chanting Alicia Silverstone’s Clueless line “I have nothing to wear!”


Distressed Denim
Whether it is a pair of cut off jeans that make your tush look toned, or a pair of vintage flair’s that look like they had a run in with a paper shredder (one too many times), women have been wearing distressed jeans to music festivals for year, earning the top spot on our classic festival fashion list.

Plastic beads and glass beads, metal beads, clay beads, you name it! Since the start of the festival scene it seems that music lovers have been sporting enough beads to collectively open a specialty store. Some will implement beads into their dreadlocks and braids, while others revamp their favorite band tees by cutting them up and adding beads and bulky knots. Not to mention the plethora of homemade and craft-fair-found necklaces and bracelets that decorate the partygoer’s bodies. Made from hemp, wire, or cotton, the one of a kind accessories are almost always accented with tons of beads.

Mud Covered Wellies
Everyone loves just one rainy festival day, for the excuse to get their rain boots covered in mud. For some unknown reason, even the typical mud haters can be found trotting across Somerset field, with a smile on their face, as they sport muddy wellies.

Woman with face paint

The idea to use your body as a canvas has been around since the Woodstock days, and it is doubtful that this trend will ever fade, earning this liquid accessory a spot on our classic festival fashion list. The popularity of body paint began when Native American’s needed to blend in with nature while they would hunt prey. Centuries later, festival goers are using body paint to blend in with each other. Those who decorated themselves at Woodstock may have only had a few colors of paint to choose from, but today festival goers have a full body paint palette, with everything from glitter paint to glow in the dark paint. For some reason paint allows festival goers to let go of any self-consciousness and negative vibes, as they truly enjoy the festival experience.