Hair color trends have taken a bold turn in the past few seasons, you’ve probably noticed that ladies (and men!) are rocking hair color that’s done in bold hues that we haven’t seen much of in previous years. If you’re on social media, you’ve probably seen some of the beauty influencers of the world posting pictures of their bright, rainbow-colored hair. But truthfully, when we see it on sites like Instagram and Pinterest it can seem like it’s something that’s more about the art aspect of it. If you’ve been really drawn to the bright hair color trend, we thought we would chat a bit about some of the celebs who rocked rainbow-colored hair to give you some further inspiration for your own hair color.

Ok, so Kesha was probably one of the first celebs to really start rocking the rainbow-colored hair. She’s always been known for her more extravagant looks when performing and stepping out onto the red carpet. But you can’t deny that she’s definitely had a way of making the rainbow-colored hair looks super fun, edgy and trendy. She’s someone who’s experimented with a wide range of different colors from blues to pink to a combination of multiple hair colors creating a true rainbow-colored hair look. While she’s toned down some of the super over the top vibes of her look, she’s sticking to her rainbow-colored hair and found a way to make it look chic and mature with her personal style.

Gwen Stefani
Gwen is another artist that’s always found a way to give us totally unique looks throughout her career. She knows how to look chic, trendy but still have that rock and roll edge she’s known for. Of course, she continues that with her hair looks. While Gwen is most well known for her super platinum blonde hair color, she’s shown us how to rock rainbow-colored hair into her classic hair color mix. Gwen’s recently added some rainbow hues to her hair by just adding some color to a small section of her hair, leaving the rest her platinum hue.

Hilary Duff
She made her splash on the Hollywood scene when she was just a teenager appearing in ‘Lizzie McGuire.’ But Hilary has definitely helped to evolve her career and style, and really step into her own after her time at Disney. While she’s always had gorgeous hair and mostly stuck to her classic blonde hue the past year or so she’s stepped out of her norm and tried some rainbow-colored hair looks. Hilary has made bold, rainbow statements with blue, pink and even grey!

Kylie Jenner
Of course, we can’t talk about celebs who rocked rainbow-colored hair without talking about the queen of rainbow hair herself…Miss Kylie Jenner herself. Kylie has definitely grown up before our very eyes and she’s stepped into her own with her style and beauty looks. She’s always changing things up, especially with her hair colors. She often uses extensions and wigs to change her hair from one rainbow color to the next, but one thing that’s consistent is she knows how to rock rainbow-colors with confidence.