woman hair flip

Celebrities have the best style, don’t they? It’s ok, most of us can agree we love admiring their style. Celebs do have access to the best and newest trends, after all! As we begin to wrap up another incredible summer season we’ve been feeling a bit nostalgic about the trends we’ve all loved this summer. It’s the perfect time to incorporate some of these celebrity styles to try during the last days of summer:

Pin Straight Hair
It’s no secret almost every stylish celeb has stepped out with pin straight hair at one point or another this summer season. Whether you have short or long hair, but it’s a great way to change up your hair style for the summer. In the past summer seasons it’s always been about styling hair to achieve beachy waves, which is why the pin straight hair is such a fun new twist. The key to trying this celeb inspired hair style is to use straight hair care products. Using hair care products that help to promote straight hair make a HUGE difference, especially when you’re trying to achieve hair that’s SUPER straight and sleek. Of course, using a quality flat iron is also an essential tool to use in creating this hair style.

Add Bangs
Bangs have been another huge trend with celebrities throughout the summer. Another trend that’s not always the most common during the summer, but we’re all about it. If you’re feeling the itch to change your look, bangs are a great way to do that during the last days of summer. Bangs aren’t something that you won’t be able to work into your fall hair styles, either so it’s a great transitional hair style to try out. Of course, the boldness of your bang look is up to you and how bold you want to be with it. Talk to your hair stylist about the type of bangs that will flatter your face shape and work with your hair’s current length/style to determine the best option for you.

Embracing Your Natural Hair Texture
This summer a huge trend with celebrities in particular has been embracing your natural hair texture. Yep, this has got to be the most low maintenance hair style of them all! Celebrities everywhere have been stepping out with their hair styled…although not really styled because it’s their natural hair texture. The best way to embrace your natural hair texture is to dry your hair with a diffuser, and use the right hair care products prior to drying your hair. Generally, a texturizing product is best to use in this situation as it brings out the natural texture and look of your hair.

We gave you a range of different hair styles to choose from, depending upon your commitment to trying a celebrity inspired hair style in the last few weeks of summer.

So, which one of these are you going to try?