Woman with short bob

Ready for spring? Whew, aren’t we all! It’s always exciting in the days leading up to the spring season, most of us begin to get antsy gearing up to enjoy the warmer, sunnier weather. And if we’re really honest, we also get excited to switch up our style, beauty and hair with the change of seasons. There’s something about the change in seasons that has us all eager to change things up a bit. Especially during that transition from winter to spring. We’re ready to lighten things up after the gloomy winter months. Ready to celebrate spring with a sassy new haircut? So are we! We’re sharing some of the most exciting spring haircut ideas to get you inspired.

If you’ve been having the urge to try something totally different but you’re not really about the super short haircuts–the undercut style could be the perfect way to have a sassy new haircut that’s perfect for the change of seasons. Essentially, with the undercut it doesn’t matter what length or style your hair is, it’s all about the buzzed detail UNDER (the area of your hair around the nape of the neck–or however much of an area you want to cut). It’s a small detail that can just peek through your typical hair style, but also make a statement. It’s super fun and edgy–perfect for a sassy look.

Blunt Bob
Have you been rocking the longer hair style for a while? As we approach the spring months, it can be refreshing to chop your hair a bit–or a little more than a bit. One of the undeniably trendy haircuts that’s sassy and perfect for spring is the blunt bob. You’ve probably noticed some of your favorite celebs have already started to try this hair style out, and everyone looks great with it! It’s a blunt cut that’s all about creating that straight edge of the hair. The great part about this haircut look is no matter what your hair’s texture is–it looks great!

Blunt bangs

Blunt Bangs
Notice a bit of a trend here? If you’re currently enjoying your hair’s length and overall look, but want a bit of a sassy update the blunt bang cut could be the perfect option for you. Bangs have always had their trends and variations, but this spring season it’s all about the blunt bang look.  Blunt bangs are exactly what they sound like–they’re a full bang that’s cut in a blunt way. It creates a great edgy aspect to your hair’s overall look, and even though it’s a small section of your hair it can give you a total change in your hair style.

Long Layers and Split Bangs
Last season we saw a lot of lobs happening (long bobs), but this spring it’s all about creating more layers into the mix for those with longer hair. If you have longer hair, and you want to keep it longer it’s all about finding a little update. Creating some additional texturizing to the layers is the perfect way to do it, plus adding some longer bangs that blend in a bit with your hair, but worn split in the center is a sassy update.