Office secretary talking on the phone.

Administrative Professional’s Day is on Wednesday, April 22, 2015. This is the day to recognize professionals within your organization, and show them appreciation. Lionesse has devised some fun ways to celebrate the most important people in your office and make them feel appreciated. Read on to learn some helpful tricks, or tips, to celebrating them on this special day.

Women having wine at an office party.

Host an Office Lunch Party
In the spirit of fun, host a lunch party complete with catering and various food options to meet everyone’s tastes – or, bring your staff out for lunch. Find a restaurant that suits everyone’s tastes, and make reservations ahead of time. If you are hosting the lunch party in the office, provide some fun, lively music and wine and beer options as a special treat for everyone working so hard.

Woman receiving an award at work.

Hand out Awards and Rewards
Since this is a day to recognize staff for a job well done and all of the hard work they put in on a daily basis, this is the time to hand out certificates, reward those who have gone above and beyond for the company, and make them feel recognized and appreciated. Rewards could include things like bonus checks, gift cards or gift certificates, baskets filled with gourmet coffee or treats, or new electronic devices such as computers or phones.

Man holding a flower bouquet behind his back to gift to his colleague at work.

Buy Flowers for All Employees
Place flowers on the desk of all female employees to show your appreciation. It could be a single flower or an entire bouquet or arrangement. For the male employees, a nice plant that requires little to no maintenance would be appropriate.

Give Employees Time Off
Another great way to show your appreciation towards your employees is to give them a day or two off. Every employee would appreciate that. You can base the amount of time off that you award each employee on their performance, seniority, and hard work.

Corporate picnic table set up overlooking the beach.

Organize a Company Trip
Organizing a nice getaway for everyone in the office is one of the absolute best ways to enjoy some time away and show your employees that you care. The getaway could include a cruise, a trip to a theme park, or even an elaborate trip to an exquisite location where the employees could relax in the sun with a drink in hand.

Corporates dancing in the office lobby.

Allow Casual Dress and Music
Allow all of the employees to dress in casual clothing for the day, and play whatever music they love in their offices or cubicles. Keep the spirit of the office light and laid back for the day. The employees will be happier, smile more, and appreciate their position within the company when they have a day to be themselves.

Lionesse knows how important employees are to the operation of a company, and that is why we wanted to take a minute out to recognize employees and administrative professionals everywhere and wish them a wonderful Administrative Professional’s Day! Enjoy your day, relax, and be sure to bask in the much deserved recognition on your special day.