Woman with long hair outdoors

Hip-grazing, waist length–whatever you want to call it, it’s a huge trend this year. While we’ve seen celebs everywhere chopping their hair into bob lengths, those that aren’t into the short hair and going the exact opposite and embracing super long locks. Let’s be honest, hip-grazing hair is pretty stunning when it’s cared for properly. So many women admire long locks and truthfully, we do too! If you have hip-grazing hair or you’ve been working on achieving it yourself (whether natural or via extensions) taking care of your locks at this length takes some special care. We’re giving you all the best tips on how to care for hip-grazing hair:

Use the Right Shampoo
Using whatever shampoo you see on the store shelves isn’t going to cut it when you’re taking care of hip-grazing hair. The longer your hair, the more essential it is to be sure that you’re using the right shampoo product. Consider your hair type and any hair concerns when choosing the right shampoo to use in your hair washing routine. Since your hair is long, you don’t want to use a product that’s going to add more weight to your hair as it can just weight the roots/ends down giving your hair less natural texture and volume.

two girls with long hair at the beach

Skip the Hair Dryer
We know, this may seem IMPOSSIBLE but many experts suggest skipping the hair dryer with hip-grazing hair. When your hair is this long it can take a HUGE amount of time to dry your hair with a hair dryer and using heat for that long on your hair can cause a lot of damage. Instead, switch to washing your hair at night and allowing your hair to air dry to keep your locks nice and healthy and save your arms from getting incredibly tired trying to dry it.

Give Your Hair Enough Conditioning
Keeping hair well-conditioned is important for every hair type and length, but when your hair is hip-grazing long it tends to be much more prone to knots and tangles. One of the best ways to keep your hair free of damaging knots and tangles is to be sure that it’s been given enough conditioning treatment. Using a quality conditioner in your typical hair washing routine is part of it, but that’s not enough. Since you don’t want to be washing your hair every day, you need to add conditioning to your hair between washes and to really seal in the moisture to keep it well protected. One of the best ways to do this is to get into the habit of using a deep conditioning treatment in your hair. Experts suggest using a deep conditioning treatment in your hair once a week can help to give your hair that extra boost of moisture/conditioning to maintain its health, aid in repair and prevent further damage from happening.

We’re ALL about the hip-grazing hair right now, and we’re willing to be you are too if you’re reading this. Be sure to apply these few key tips to keep those long locks healthy and shining!