This fall season really is a throwback year in fashion, we’re seeing influences from the 70’s and 90’s like never before.  But that’s the fun part about fashion, isn’t it?  Things really do come full circle and come back around eventually, but they’re typically a little bit different than they were the first time around.  With the 90’s vibes in full effect this season, it’s no surprise that camouflage is really popular again this year.  We thought it would be fun to chat about camo and other revived throwback fashion – because, why not?

camo heels

In case you haven’t already noticed, camo is one of the most popular prints this fall season.  We’re seeing it EVERYWHERE right now – and we love it.  It’s that fun, edgy print that gives you that military vibe to any outfit.  The fun part about camo clothes right now is they’re really in a variety of different styles and options.  From camo jeans to structured jackets, there’s a lot of different camo pieces to choose from.  Even though we’ve seen camo plenty of time in fashion before, there’s something that feels fresh about it this season.  The key to wearing camo is to let the camo be the focal point and pair it with other non-printed pieces so that it’s not too busy of a look.  But we are all about wearing camo with different textures to create a unique vibe for your outfit easily.

Choker Necklaces
Unless you’ve been in your house the past few months without any connection to social media or the internet, you know that choker necklaces are FULLY back on trend right now.  We’re not sure if we need to thank the Kardashian clan for this one, or who – but the 90’s fashion staple is back again right now.  Talk about a throwback fashion statement, right?  Personally, we love a good choker.  There’s something about just adding even a simple black choker to any outfit that instantly gives you that edgy look to any outfit, and of course that 90’s vibe throwback feel that has us all a little nostalgic.

woman with shirt around waist

Shirt Around The Waist
Nothing quite screams 90’s like the shirt tied around the waist look, it was popular then and it’s popular now.  It’s giving us all sorts of throwback feels right now, but there is something about tying a shirt around your waist that feels a little edgy and you feel just a little cooler.  The great news is layering is always key in fall seasons, so this adds a new twist to your layered look.

Of course, it’s not all about the 90’s this season, we have a little 70’s vibe going on as well.  Nothing proves that to be more true than the switch in denim trends we’re seeing – especially the rise in popularity of flare jeans again.  We’re all about flare jeans this season, we’ve all been in skinny jeans for quite a few years now it’s a refreshing change to give us all a little variety in our denim collection.