Woman with shades and surfboard at the beach

Bring on the heat! Spending time at the beach and pool is a great way to spend your summer weekends. Basking in the warm weather and sunshine…what’s better?! Although it feels great to step outside and enjoy the warm weather, the sun and heat can do a lot of damage to your hair. Before you really bring on the heat throughout the rest of the summer season, let’s chat about how you can protect your locks and prep your hair for the season. This way you can enjoy the weather, and not worry about your hair getting damaged in the process.

Give Your Hair Enough Conditioning
The biggest problem with heat during the summer is heat tends to draw out a lot of the natural moisture in our hair, leaving it dry and brittle. Sounds familiar, right? One of the best things you can do to prep your hair for the summer and keep  it will protected during the summer heat is to give your hair enough conditioning. You can give your hair conditioning through your typical conditioning product, but you’ll want to be sure that the conditioner you’re using is really focused on nourishment and hydration. In addition, using a deep conditioning treatment on a regular basis is going to give your hair that added conditioning element that it’s not always able to get from your typical conditioner.

Happy woman holding a bottle of conditioner in the bathroom

Focus On Moisture
Similar to conditioning, focusing on adding moisture to your hair through multiple sources is incredibly beneficial to protecting your hair during the summer heat. Take a look at your current hair care products and decide whether or not they’re really going to help give you hair that added moisture benefit it needs this time of year. Products to look at include your shampoo and conditioning products, along with any specialty treatment products you may be using in your hair care routine. Using products that are a bit creamier tend to be more moisturizing. When your hair is well moisturized and getting that moisture from multiple sources in your routine, it’s much healthier and less likely to end up dry and frizzy.

Keep Your Routine Easy
The summer season tends to be synonymous with effortless style and beauty looks. Not only are easy and effortless hair styles great for time sake, but they’re also great for keeping your hair protected and strong to bring on the heat. When you over style your hair and use a lot of heated styling tools it can put added stress on your hair, even when you do follow the tips we mentioned above. Try cutting back on how often you’re using heat in your hair styling routine and give your hair a break when you can. Instead, look to some easy hair styles that will keep you looking stylish without adding stress to your locks.

Now that’s summer is here…what adjustments do you make in your hair care routine for the season?