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Looking for a bold new, commitment free style? We know that sounds appealing to you. Hair care and trying different styles tend to come with…a significant amount of commitment. Since changing your hair length and/or hair color is generally something you need to head into the salon to accomplish the commitment level may be a bit higher than you’d really like. That is, until now anyway. What if we told you that you could actually achieve a bold new look that had virtually NO commitment on your end? We’re not lying and this is not a prank. Thanks to hair extensions and the growth of their popularity and the options associated with them, you can get a bold new look in the matter of minutes. Just to prove it to you, we’re sharing some of our favorite ways you can get a bold new look without the commitment using extensions.

Add Length
This one may be obvious, but because clip-in extensions got a bit of a bad rap when they first came out some women are afraid to utilize extensions to add some length to their hair. Changing your hair length naturally can take a long time (growing hair isn’t an overnight thing, you know!). But thanks to clip in extensions you can literally add length to your hair with a few clip ins. The key is to get clip in extensions that match your natural hair color and have been layered to create a more natural appearance when you put them in. Taking them into your hair stylist to get some layers/shape added is a great way to get a more natural appearance to those clip ins.


Add Color
Lately, it’s been all about the bright hair colors added to locks of ladies everywhere. If you’re like us, and many other women, you’ve been admiring the bold look for the statement it makes but have been feeling a bit hesitant to try it out for yourself because, well…commitment to the max. Another great way you can use clip in extensions is by adding some color into your hair! Choosing clip in extensions in some of those gorgeously bright colors is one of our favorite ways to add a bold look without any commitment. The color options are limitless and you can have a lot of fun adding different highlights/touches of the bold color into your hair with the clip ins. You can even try out the ombre hair color trend with extensions by getting the extensions in a color that you would like in an ombre look.

Add Volume
So often extensions are associated with adding length to your hair, but if you just want a little more va-va-voom (volume) added to your hair look, extensions are incredible at assisting with that as well. Because you’re adding more hair, it’s much easier to tease and add some volume to your hair with extensions when you don’t naturally have a lot of hair.