Hair stylist blow drying a woman's hair in a salon.

Using a blow dryer isn’t something most women think of in terms of there being an exact science to achieving a particular style or look. Many women get up, take a shower, and give their hair a quick blow dry to rid the excess water from the hair, and go on about their day. There is so much more that a blow dryer can do for your look and style, though, and that is why Lionesse is bringing you these blow drying tips – straight from the pros – to give you the look you crave in a simple, easy manner.

Protect Your Hair
This is the first and foremost most important aspect to blow drying your hair. You will want to use a heat protecting spray or crème, and make sure you work it through all portions of the hair before getting started. There is nothing worse than the smell of burnt hair – except, of course, actually burning your hair. This will cause extreme damage, and should be avoided at all costs.

Opt for an Ionic Hair Dryer
Your choice in hair dryer selection is just as important to the style you achieve as is the need for protecting your hair. One of the best possible options to obtaining a great style is to opt for an ionic blow dryer, which will do the following for your hair:

  • Remove more water faster, decreasing the possibility of heat damage
  • Enables the hair to be less frizzy
  • Provides smoother hair
  • Seals the hair cuticle
  • Provides a fuller look to those with thin hair seeking volume by trapping hair inside the hair shaft, providing a smooth, sleek look

Use Your Blow Dryer to Create Volume
Creating volume is as simple as using a big, round brush and a volumizing mousse. Simply apply some mousse to the hair and work it throughout. Using a round brush wrap the tops of the hair around the brush in small sections, and blow dry. This adds lift and volume to the roots, giving the hair a fuller appearance.

Woman shampooing her hair during her bath.

Start With Fresh Hair
Any time you blow dry your hair, you want to work with exceptionally clean hair that is free of product buildup. Be sure to wash your hair two-three times in the shower before opting for a blow dry. As a side note, you will also want to make sure the products you use, such as brushes, are clean and free of hair and product buildup before going in with your blow dryer. This will give you a cleaner, sleeker look.

Section off Your Hair
Using small hair clips to section off the hair around different areas of your head will give you a better blow dry. Unclip each section as needed to achieve a thorough blow dry. If you have really long hair, you may want to use a cloth hair elastic to secure the areas you have already blow dried and keep them away from wet hair, which can cause damage to your style and cause the need to repeat the blow dry.

Start At the Front of Your Face
When blow drying your hair, you will want to start with the sections that frame your face and work on those in small sections. This will allow you to take care of any flyaway areas that may end up getting ‘stuck’ into that position first. Work your way back on either side of your head until you have achieved a total blow dry.

Collection of round hair brushes in a white background.

Use a Round or Paddle Brush
Round brushes tend to add more volume to the hair, and paddle brushes tend to flatted and smooth the hair. Round brushes are a great option for those with thin hair, as they can add almost as much volume as they want to with one of these brushes alone. Those who have thick or frizzy hair may want to opt for a paddle brush as they can hold more hair, and allow the hair to dry much faster than if using a round brush.

Smooth the Hair
Once your blow dry is finished, you can add a product to give the hair a sleek, shiny style that looks and feels spectacular. It will also eliminate the possibility for hair to go into flyaway mode, or begin to frizz.

Maintain the Style
After you have spent the time blow drying your hair, chances are you will want to keep that style for a few days. It’s possible to keep the style fresh and beautiful by maintaining. Here are a few ways to do that:

  • Use a dry shampoo to refresh the matte look if your hair is beginning to get oily.
  • Sleep with the hair in a very loose ponytail when you go to bed at night.
  • Wear a shower cap when in the shower to avoid any humidity or ruining your style.

When it comes time to wash your hair again, simply repeat the process. Lionesse hopes this simple to follow guide from the pros will help you achieve the perfect blow dry time and time again.