woman getting makeover

There’s something about celebs that we’re all a little more infatuated with than we may want to admit.  But let’s face it, they live in the limelight and they have access to some of the most incredible resources in the beauty industry.  Some of us may even be a little jealous…or envious.  It’s ok, we can admire from afar because after all we get to stop for coffee in peace!  It seems like celebs are constantly transforming their beauty looks, just when we think we know what to expect they switch things up on us.  It got us thinking about some of the most memorable transformations, so we’re sharing the biggest celeb beauty transformations with you now.

Khloe Kardashian
If you’ve been on social media at all, you’ve seen Khloe Kardashian looking totally different these days than she was just a couple years ago.  She’s shared a lot about her transformation and even discussed that she used fitness as a therapy source while going through her divorce and rough patches.  Since she’s gotten super serious about working out, her body has COMPLETELY transformed and she’s got one of the sickest bodies around.  But her transformation didn’t stop at her body, she also made some major changes to her hair.  She was rocking the ombre hair for quite a while, but finally went to a full blonde look AND went in for the big hair chop.  Basically, she’s changed her entire look, going from super long dark hair to short blonde and really giving the world major fitspo.

Nicki Minaj
Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com

Nicki Minaj
Another celeb that has really made waves with her beauty transformation.  When Nicki first stepped onto the scene she was rocking some pretty wild looks and we all took note of what she was wearing.  She quickly became a popular female rapper that made waves, and left people wondering what she was going to show up wearing next.  However, recently she’s toned things down a LOT.  While she was once all about the colorful wigs and major hair accessories she’s been sticking with more natural looks, even keeping her makeup pretty neutral and opting for more timeless gowns for red carpet appearances instead of her costume-esque looks.  She’s definitely made a major transformation and many of the comments have changed from “wow, look at what she’s wearing” to noticing her natural beauty more.

Miley Cyrus
Miley is another celeb that’s kept us wondering what she’s going to show up wearing.  When she first came onto the Disney Channel she had that innocent look about her, but once she got older she went for a major shift, leaving many jaws dropped in shocked by what she would attend events wearing.  While she’s been giving us quite the shock factor for a while, we’ve noticed she’s started to bring things down a bit in the past year and gone more  for the natural, timeless looks.  We had to include Miley because she has been quite the chameleon when it comes to her beauty looks over the years and we’re looking forward to seeing what she does next.

What do you think were some of the biggest celeb beauty transformations over the years?