Summer is officially here and that means you’re starting to think about what to wear in a completely different way.  Suddenly you want lesser layers and lighter weight fabric.  However, there’s a point where we have to make sure we’re still business appropriate in the summertime.  While we all would love to hang out in our swimsuits and cover-ups it’s not exactly appropriate for the office or a professional environment.  We’re going to share some of our favorite ways to be seasonally appropriate with your wardrobe, while maintaining your professionalism.

Model wearing light colored seersucker dress
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Lightweight Fabrics
One of the easiest ways to feel cooler in the summer is to choose lighter weight fabrics.  While in the winter it’s all about staying warm, in the summer we need to cool off.  Choosing fabrics like chiffon, seersucker, lightweight cotton, etc. are great options that allow you to breathe and not feel hotter from the fabric you’re wearing.  Choose pieces that are literally lighter in weight.  You can feel the difference just by holding them!

Lighter Colors
Another way to get into the summer spirit with your wardrobe is to choose lighter colors, it’s likely you’ve been in dark colors all fall and winter long (hello black wardrobe!).  But now that the temperatures are rising and it’s getting warmer you’re probably really ready to lighten it up.  So instead of that all black outfit, why not switch it up with lighter colors like white, cream, pink, etc.  Avoid the darker colors as it gets warmer, not only do they FEEL hot when you wear them but you LOOK hot when you wear them.  It’s an easy way to add a pop of color that feels totally appropriate for the season.  Plus, you can wear colors easily in a professional environment – you’ll bring a splash of color to the office!

Model wearing a classy seersucker dress
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Keep it Classy
One thing that we all tend to do in the summertime is air on the casual side.  We tend to want to roll up to the office in our flip flops and jean shorts and call it a day because really we’d rather be outside than in the office.  However, we really can’t do that in a work environment.  So remember that you’re a professional regardless of the time of year.  Some things to avoid in a business setting are flip flops, jean shorts, torn up jeans, anything that’s too revealing, etc.  Women are often cautioned about hemlines and necklines.  Since it’s warmer you’re going to want to go shorter than you probably would any other time of year, but avoid it!  Keep skirt lengths to just above the knee, so you’re figure flattering, showing a little leg, but still keeping it professional.  Another thing to consider is your necklines, make sure you’re not showing TOO much of your chest.  If you ‘fall out’ of your top a bit too much, switch it out for another top or layer a lace tank top underneath.  It’s all about maintaining your professionalism throughout the summer months.

What summer wardrobe tips to you have?