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Fall is approaching quickly! As the temperatures begin to lower, we’re gearing up to change up our wardrobe and hair styles. There’s something about a new season that has us all yearning for a change with our look. Although if you’re like we are you want a change this time of year, but don’t always know where to get some inspiration. You spend most of your time at the office, so why not feel great about some new hair styles that are also perfect for work? We went on a search, on your behalf, to find some great inspiration to find the best fall hair styles for the office. You’re going to be the hair inspiration of the office with these!

Sleek Low Ponytail 
Whether you’re someone who wears their hair down or up all the time, it’s easy to get into a rut either way. Fortunately, one of this season’s hottest trends gives you a happy medium between wearing your hair down and up. The sleek low ponytail is a great hair style for fall AND the office. To prep your hair for this particular style you want to style your hair to be as straight and sleek as possible with a middle part. After you’ve created the sleek texture and part in your hair simply bring your hair back to a low ponytail and voila! It doesn’t get much easier than this, ladies.

Slicked Back Hair
Another hair style that’s super easy, so you don’t  have to spend a lot of time  doing your hair in the morning but also loaded with style is the slicked back hair style. The great part about this particular hair style is that you can really work with your hair’s natural texture. Use a bit of hair product to really bring out your hair’s natural texture and create a part (or no part) that you like best for your face shape. Once you’ve done that simply use a small amount of gel to create the slicked back hair style only applying the gel to the top of your head and leaving the rest of the hair free to embrace the natural hair texture you have.

Low Ponytail Braid
It’s all about the low ponytail styles this fall, which is perfect as we begin to experience a much windier climate. But if you’re not really feeling the sleek ponytail, the low ponytail braid could be the answer you’re looking for! Braids have been trending for a while now but they’re not all the best option for the office. You want to maintain your professionalism but still have fun. Whether you create your hair in a sleek, straight texture or work with your natural hair texture you simply create the low ponytail braid. If you want to mix it up you can add a ribbon or accessories into the braid to change things up really easily.

Do you have a favorite fall hair style for the office?