Image showing the Gemini sign.

Gemini women are some of the luckiest women of the zodiac. Not only are they blessed with gorgeous, sparkling eyes, but they are known for their beautiful, youthful appearance. They usually look much younger than they are by at least 5-10 years,  and they don’t need much to accent their beauty and take it to a whole new level. Their faces usually consist of a smaller bone structure and small, dainty facial features. Their mouths are usually the focal point of their faces – as seen on American actress Angelina Jolie, also a Gemini – and they for that reason should play up their pout. Today, Lionesse would like to bring you a few beauty tips for the Gemini woman on how she can get the best look for her sign. This is perfect to revamp your beauty routine for the upcoming summer months.

Woman with a pout taking a selfie.

Play Up That Pout
Your lips speak volumes – and not just with words, either. The Gemini woman is known for her mouth – so play it up with the perfect lip color. Opt for something nude for the classic Gemini cosmetic look, or opt for a soft pink or tan hue – either of which are perfect for the spring and summer months. Also, be sure to keep a pot of gloss on hand at all times – for those mid-day touch ups at work or while out running errands and paying bills – or better yet, shopping.

Woman with brown smokey eyes.

Smokey Eye Look
Smokey eyes play up sparkling eyes like a dream. You can complete a traditional smokey eye for the Gemini cosmetic look, or even change things up a bit. Using brown and tan hues would look stunning on a Gemini, and add the perfect something special to bring all of your best features forward. Opt for darker lash lines on the top lid, and lighter on the bottom – but try to stick within the same color scheme. For example, black on black, black on grey, or brown on brown, or brown on tan.

Woman wearing neutral makeup.

Neutral Color Schemes
Sticking with neutral color schemes will ensure you always put your best face forward. Choosing colors such as nudes, tans, browns, creams, and white hues will help you to always have features that pop. Keep this scheme in mind when choosing all of your cosmetics, from lips, to blush, and eyes.

Close up of a woman applying mascara.

Mascara is Essential
Mascara is just one of those awesome essentials every woman needs in her cosmetic calvary – but for the Gemini woman who really likes to play up her gorgeous eyes, this is an essential step that can’t be skipped. Choose a mascara that lengthens or one that provides boldness – and be sure to apply it to the top and bottom lashes. Whether you begin application at the lash line or only to the tips of the lashes, you will want to make sure you have one with you at all times for touch ups here and there.

Closeup of woman applying eyeshadow.

Sunny Eyeshadow
Although this is completely different from the neutral color scheme we detailed above, we would like to make mention of how stunning and fantastic applying a pop of color such as yellow can really impact your overall look. This works really well for the Gemini woman and should be used as an accent color, not an all over color. The corners of eyes and inner lids would benefit greatly from a hint of this color and add peace, calm, and serenity to your look and inspire you to be your best throughout the day. Pair this color with a black liquid liner, or a smudged black liner pencil.