Woman holding a makeup brush

With another new year comes the opportunity to make changes, improvements, take on new directions and resolve to live more efficiently and effectively. You may have already made a few resolutions for 2016, but did any of them have to do with your beauty efforts? Perhaps you could take a look at your whole beauty regimen and apply some of these tips, to improve it and make it work better for you.

Toss in Time
Start paying better attention to those “use by” recommendations for makeup and applicators, too. There’s a reason for these stipulations, and even though you may hate to toss a particular favorite, it’s not worth possibly developing an infection from wearing it or using it. And this year, forever agree to stop using other people’s makeup, and don’t allow others to use yours. Never a good idea – be safe.

makeup brushes

Brush Care
From your hairbrushes to your combs, and then all of your makeup brushes–let 2016 be the year for you to take charge of them all–by performing monthly cleaning. For your hairbrushes and combs, you can use some dishwashing liquid in warm water and an old toothbrush to get in between all those bristles. Rinse thoroughly. For your makeup brushes, dip and swish in a solution of warm soapy water, gently but firmly. Make sure to use enough soap. After a minute or so, remove and rinse thoroughly. Finish up by using your blow dryer to fully dry each one and replace.

New Makeup Effects
Changes don’t have to be huge to be significant and valuable, and sometimes something as simple as moving to a new shade of lipstick you’ve never worn can be amazingly powerful in giving you a different look–and outlook. Perhaps you could try one of the new metallic eye shadows, or adopt a new form of strobing. This could be the year where you rock those eyeliner effects, with cat eyes from winged liner application. You might try out some white applied to your waterline, or trying out the trending blue eye shadows, and  “outlining” yours with thin, black liquid liner.

Woman wearing face mask.

Improve Your Pore Care
Try out one of the new toners that are really gentle but able to go deep into the pores for superior cleaning, and schedule periodic exfoliatons with timing based on your skin’s specific condition, either using a store product or one you can make from household ingredients. With all of the fantastic facial masks out there, why not try out a new one, once a week, until you find one that you love?

Brow Power
This is the year to take command of your brows, with regard to their exact shape–they’re trending thicker now–and find the ideal color brow shade for your skin tone, hair and eye colors. Develop a streamlined technique that won’t fail you, and rock this understated facial feature.

Hair tutorual

Hair Effects
Why not go to Youtube, for some cool tutorials on the many incredible braiding techniques? Whether it’s once a month or once a week, make it your ambition to learn–and master it with your own hair–a new braid hack. There are enough to keep you busy, on into 2017.