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Here we are again, pensively poised at the precipice that divides the grouping of days that will forever been known as 2015 and those ahead to soon become 2016. Probably more than at any other time during the year, the annual “changing of the guards” that occurs as we move from one year to the next, there are a vast number of improvements envisioned, promises made and lifestyle changes implemented. What are yours? Some are based on adding improved practices, while others are aimed at dropping some not so good ones. Whether you’re designating 2016 as the year you finally go back to college to complete that degree, or you’re more committed than ever at resolving your issue with debt, weight, junk food, smoking, familial relations or tech impairment, a good way to begin is by looking at statistical findings on the subject. This is not meant to discourage, but rather to motivate you to suit-up for the challenge, because even the most lofty and inspiring of resolutions do pose unique challenges that are harder to face than to imagine.

Prepare Yourself for Success
With a logical guess it can be assumed that ever since time began to be measured in increments of years, months, days, and so on… surely there have been a variety of transition-time cures envisioned. There’s no better time than the start of a new year, right? Brace yourself, if you are planning a new anything for 2016, for rubber-to-pavement statistics. New Year’s resolutions are annually made by a typical 45% of the population, with a sobering 8% managing success. While those statistics rightfully include a variety of difficulty levels, you should find it encouraging that the scope of improvements to beauty routines generally weigh-in on the far side of easy.

Know What to Change
Some changes are more immediately attainable than others, but any measure of an improved beauty routine will pay off big. Sometimes you might be doing the wrong things simply because improvements aren’t always news. With reliable info as key, do some research and begin with a checklist of the most common unwitting cosmetic fails you can resolve to end in 2016.

On the Inside
It may come as a surprise just how much influence everything you eat and drink has on the way you look, beyond the obvious, like adjustments to gain or lose weight. Your skin offers the best barometer of the healthiness of your diet, with many issues like acne, dark circles, puffiness around eyes, fluid retention and even the proper hydration of your skin. Right now, you can improve immediately, by drinking a few glasses of water. 6-8 glasses a day (minimally), will quickly begin to show positive results. Resolve to go lighter on all fats, especially the saturated and refined ones, and try to use healthy salt substitutes when possible. Sugar has no redeeming value, but if you can’t eliminate it completely, consider cutting your sugar intake in half. Make your resolution possible by making it doable for your lifestyle. Increase consumption of fresh veggies and fruits, and reduce or stop caffeine consumption.

On the Outside
This is where the changes you need to consider abound. Make a greater effort in the upcoming year to adhere to the ones you know, like stop sharing your makeup, whether or not you have a negative makeup sharing experience to tell about. Stop using products designed for the body, in your facial care routine. A big one, but one that can save you tons in the long run is to limit your face-touching time to makeup application and retouching only. Leave the pimples, blackheads and other anomalies alone. Cover them with makeup till they’re gone. In general, with the exception being gentle itch scratching, your fingers have no excuse for coming in contact with the skin on your face. And holding your chin or your index finger on a cheek will not improve your thinking skills, so stop.

Some to Keep a Check On
These are not always of issue, but certainly well-worth a new, 2016 reevaluation. Sometimes simply addressing the little things can prevent us from seeming less “with it” than we’d like.

  • Those Botox Beautification Efforts: So often, those numerous well-intentioned Botox injections create the opposite of a cosmetic enhancement. If you’re not sure, take some good before and after shots for comparison, and even enlist the help of a trusted friend to see if you may need to curtail the facial plumping for 2016. Some of those Botox results truly look much less flattering than even wrinkles.
  • Can They Tell by the Smell? With so many deliciously exotic perfumes, lotions and oils, first make sure that all of the scented products you’re using truly complement each other. And when using perfume, you want to apply a suggestion and not a lung-heavy demand here. If they can smell you before they see you, it’s too much. And when you no longer detect any evidence of that perfume you doused on earlier in the morning, don’t be so quick to re-apply, as it’s commonly known that the better a match any scent has with your particular chemistry, the less you’ll be able to smell it on your own skin.
  • Making Up Efforts: First one? Start including a SPF 30 (and nothing less) sunscreen into your morning program. This year, make the effort to really find a foundation that matches your skin; lighter for winter, darker for summer. No more harsh effects with makeup contouring; that’s out. Go easier on the strobing and highlighting, and delve into all those new luscious nude shades for lips and nails. Keep your concealer a private matter by using the proper shade, the proper amount and make sure it is blended at the edges. Stop any liberties you’ve been taking with bronzers. They are only for specific areas. If you don’t know what they are, find out.
  • You Can’t Go Ombre at Home: Resolve to leave the fancy hair coloring to the pros, or you’ll wind up having to go to one anyway. And you’ll find out why some of these premium services cost what they do. Ombre and anything beyond an all-over step or two in either color direction are not DIY-viable.