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If you’re chronically late, you already know there are days when you’ve had to sacrifice feeling/looking pulled together in the morning to get out the door.  The thing is, most of us feel like in order to have a great beauty routine, it needs to take a ton of time.  We’re here to tell you that’s not the case!  In addition, we’ve discovered beauty fixes for the chronically late – because even if you tend to be late all the time, doesn’t mean you should have to sacrifice feeling and looking your best before heading out the door.

Opt For Multi-Use Products
We have some good news for you late birds, beauty companies have realized that many of us want to minimize the number of products and steps we have to create a gorgeous look for ourselves.  In turn, they’ve finally started to create products that we’re able to use in more than just one way.  If you’re a chronically late person, you’re going to want to lean towards using products that are multi use.  Things like highlight/contour combinations are amazing to use when you’re late because you’re literally able to create a highlight and contoured effect to your face in just one product and in one swoop (so to speak).  Tinted moisturizers are another great multi-use product where you’re able to get moisturizer into your skin AND a little color to even out your skin tone.

woman using dry shampoo

Dry Shampoo Is Your BFF
Here’s the thing, when you’re late often, you likely don’t always have time to wash your hair when you’d like.  The good news is dry shampoo is more readily available now than ever before.  Dry shampoo should be your BFF, seriously.  The great thing about dry shampoo is it can really bring hair that hasn’t been washed back to life and add great texture into your hair that allows you to style it much more easily.  The key is to make sure that you don’t spray the dry shampoo too close to your roots and just do a light misting spray over your roots to really get it evenly distributed.

Think Outside The Box
When it comes to makeup products, they’re all typically packaged and intended to be used in a certain way – but that doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t use them for other purposes.  Some experts suggest that if you’re late often one way to be able to get an eyeliner look without having to take the time to actually apply eyeliner is to apply your mascara, and do so by getting a little mascara on your lash line on purpose.  Once you do that, use an angled liner brush to smudge and smooth the mascara to create the look of eyeliner.  It allows you to skip a step, but not LOOK like you skipped any steps.  In addition, you can even use a lipstick color to create a blush look to your cheeks!  The point is, think outside the box and don’t think that you can’t use makeup products for reasons outside of the ‘norm.’