woman with highlights

Blond highlights will always hold a special place in our heart. These light hued highlights have always been a go to for women who want to lighten up their hair color. There are so many ways to incorporate blond highlights into your look, it’s really dependent upon your personal style and preferences. That being said it can be a big change to add blond highlights to your hair color, even when you feel the pull to try it out. Luckily there are some baby steps to blond highlights to help you transition your hair color at a pace that feels good to you.

Get Inspiration
Before you do anything related to blond highlights we suggest getting some inspiration. Building up some inspirational images that you’re really drawn to for your blond highlights is a great way to well…get inspiration. Since there are countless ways to add blond highlights to your hair, getting out there and referencing some pictures will help you to really hone in on the blond highlight looks you like for yourself. While you may like certain types of blond highlights you may not necessarily want it for your own hair, building some inspiration using sites like Pinterest is a great way to learn the differences and create confidence in the look you want for your hair.

Take Extra Care of Your Hair
This one may seem odd but we suggest using your time leading up to getting highlights as an opportunity to take extra care of your hair. Hopefully you’re already in the habit of practice safe and healthy hair routines but since blond highlights do include chemically treating your hair you want to ensure that your hair is as healthy as possible before heading into the salon. Taking to applying deep conditioning treatments to your hair consistently is a great way to take your hair’s health to the next level.

Bring Pictures to a Consultation
Even if you have a hair stylist you’ve been going to for years, that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to go to them for your blond highlights. Blond highlights are just like any other hair treatment, you should be choosing the best professional for you and your desired outcome. Shop around and set up consultations with a variety of different colorists in your area to determine the best fit for you. We suggest bringing your inspirational images to the consultations to help you and the colorist have a good idea of the outcome that will happen after the initial appointment. Ask a lot of questions during the consultation, too. This isn’t a time to sit back and be shy! Remember that this is your hair and the more questions you ask and the more dialogue you have with the colorist the better you can both understand each other.

After you’ve selected the colorist you’re confident in and feel good about the look he/she can create based on your inspirational images next up is setting up the appointment!