When it comes to makeup it can sometimes feel like more is more and less is less.  So in all honesty, sometimes we may find ourselves overdoing it a bit.  There’s a fine line between wearing makeup in a way that leaves you looking gorgeous and flawless, and too over the top.  According to the experts, makeup is really all about focusing on spotlighting one feature at a time as opposed to wearing EVERYTHING and going all out.  We’re sharing some of the ways for you to avoid garish eye makeup results to help you use makeup in a seamless way.

Focus On Eyes
If you’re interested in focusing on spotlighting your eyes, it’s advised that you focus just on the eyes.  That means going with a more neutral lip, not going to crazy with blush/contouring, etc.  It will definitely help to avoid any garish types of makeup results, and help really to make your eyes pop – which are what you’re likely looking to achieve when you want to focus on spotlighting your eyes.

Technique Is Key
Just like with any makeup application, if you want to achieve optimal results it’s all about the technique that you use.  This means having the proper tools (i.e. brushes) and quality products that will work WITH you.  Blending, blending and more blending is so important when it comes to eye makeup.  Blending can be the difference between looking like clown makeup and a gorgeous smokey eye.

Decide HOW You Want To Spotlight Your Eyes
Ok, so there are quite a few different ways you can really bring attention to your eyes and have them looking gorgeous.  Maybe you want to be dramatic with a smokey eye, or maybe you’re more of a defined eyeliner kind of girl, perhaps you want to add a complimentary eyeshadow color that really pulls your natural eye color out, or maybe you’re all about the lashes.  Typically, you’ll want to avoid doing ALL of these as it can be a little too much – but choosing 1-2 of these types of makeup applications can give your eyes that pop in a more natural, beautiful way.  Don’t feel like you have to incorporate ALL of these different eye makeup techniques to spotlight your eyes, in fact you’d be surprised at just the little touches that can emphasize your eyes without incorporating everything.

Eye makeup tends to be the most intimidating and overwhelming part of makeup for many women.  It really just takes practice and trying different techniques and color combinations until you get more comfortable.  You know what they say – practice makes perfect!  The more you do it the more it will truly get easier to accomplish.  Invest in the proper tools, and treat yourself to quality makeup products that are easy to blend and apply – you’ll thank yourself later as it really does make a difference, especially when you’re still getting comfortable with makeup application.

What’s your favorite eye makeup technique or trick to spotlighting your eyes?