woman frustrated in closet

Are you ready for a style makeover?  It’s an interesting question when you really stop to think about it.  So many people live years and years feeling frustrated or even annoyed with their style.  Often we think of our style as something that’s not that big of a deal or something that’s really not worth spending too much time and energy on.  But the truth is, when we enjoy our style and clothes we FEEL better and more confident in our own skin.  It’s officially fall, and you’re probably starting to wear different clothes, it may have you thinking differently about your style as well.  You may be ready for a style makeover if…

You Have A Closet Full Of Clothes, But Nothing To Wear
We’ve ALL thought that at one point or another, but you may be thinking you have nothing to wear on a regular basis.  If you are feeling like you have a closet full of clothes, but nothing to wear on the regular, it could be time to start thinking about making some changes.  Because let’s be honest… there are clothes in our closets to wear, it’s just that we’re not excited about them.

woman with shopping bags

You Keep Buying New Clothes, But End Up Frustrated
If you’re like many people, when you feel frustrated with your style you go shopping and probably buy a few new pieces, but a couple weeks later feel that same frustration creep back up.  Honestly, just buying a few random pieces here and there rarely will give you long term relief.  If you’re in this habit… it could be a sign you need to make some changes to your style to help get you to a place where you’re more excited about your style.

You Don’t Know Where To Start
So many people feel frustrated around their style, not loving or enjoying it, but aren’t quite sure where to even start when it comes to making necessary changes that will really make a difference.  If you’re in that place, it’s time to consider a style makeover.  The first step (as they say) is admitting to yourself that you’re not sure where to start and you’re just tired of not enjoying what you have in your closet for your personal style.

If you relate to any of these… it’s definitely a sign you’re probably ready for a style makeover.  The thing about style makeovers is they get a bad rap sometimes… it’s not a bad thing to need to do a little style makeover.  So many of us change as individuals and our bodies change over time, leaving us frustrated and overwhelmed with our style.  In these cases, it’s worth seeking professional help.  The great thing about professionals with style makeovers is that they’re able to have an outsiders perspective and see us for who we are (and what our bodies actually look like), plus they’re professionals.  After all, we don’t cut our own hair!  There are a ton of wonderful resources to help you get that professional help you may want or need.

So…are you ready for a style makeover?