Woman applying moisturizer

During these harsh winter months, many of us tend to struggle with dry skin.  Between the cold dry climate outdoors to the warm dry air indoors – there’s a lot of dryness going around.  You’ve likely noticed your skin has been already starting to look a bit drier, and maybe even feeling a bit more dry and tight in appearance/feeling.  While so many of us tend to just chalk it up to being a part of the winter season, it’s truly not something that you have to just deal with – seriously!  That being said, we knew it was the perfect time to share our tips for all over dry skin protection to help you feel a little less dry this winter season.

Pay Attention to Your Showers and Baths
Listen, we totally get that on cold winter days nothing beats stepping into a hot shower or bath to warm your skin up.  However, the downside of actually doing this is the extreme heat in the water can actually cause your skin to become even more dry and uncomfortable.  As tempting as it is to turn that dial to the hot setting – avoid it and stick to warm temp water when bathing and showering.  In addition, many skin care experts suggest avoiding super long showers and this can also cause your skin to become even more dry and irritated.  Instead, make it an intention to stick to 5-10 minute showers to protect your dry skin but still give you enough time to shower properly.

Woman applying eye cream

Apply Your Moisturizing Products Properly
Just applying a moisturizer, isn’t enough to really protect your dry skin (sorry!).  It’s advised that you make sure to apply a moisturizing product right after you take a shower/bath – while your skin is still soft and it helps to lock in the moisture at an optimal time.  This also means that after you cleanse you face during your facial skin care routine, make sure to follow it up immediately with applying moisturizing products.  In addition, make sure that you bring a quality moisturizing product with you to have throughout the day.  Even though you’ll have times when you won’t have just washed your skin you may find times throughout the day your skin is really needing moisture – having a small bottle on hand is going to be helpful to giving your skin moisture when it needs it for those times.

Be Picky About the Moisturizers You Use
When you notice that your skin is pretty dry, in order to really give it the protection that it needs you’re going to need to make sure that you’re using the right types of moisturizers.  Experts suggest steering clear of moisturizing products that have fragrances or scents to them as they can cause irritation in your skin, during a time when your skin is already a bit more sensitive.  On top of that, you’re going to want to make sure that you’re using more of a cream-like moisturizer to really give your skin the extra moisture that it needs.  Lotions tend to not give you quite enough, so stepping things up a bit is going to be really helpful.