Virgo InfographicAll Virgos are ruled by the planet Mercury. As a result, Virgos considered to be intelligent, charming and perfect. Virgos are natural critics and excellent analyzers of people and situations. Virgos are also known to be extremely intuitive and they can handle chaos perfectly in order to bring some sort of semblance and order. They are governed by Earth and they are extremely practical. They prefer to base their thoughts on realities and practicalities rather than imaginations and they walk with their feet firmly on the ground. Virgos are detail oriented and they are famous for thinking of every possible outcome and every possible detail. Some of the most famous Virgos that you can look up to include Mother Theresa, Cameron Diaz, Lauren Bacall and Selma Hayek.

Positive Qualities

Here are some of the main positive qualities of Virgos.

  • Reliable – Virgos are famous for being extremely observant and reliable. If you’re looking for commitment, Virgos can offer with the stability and assurance that you need in any relationship.
  • Poised – Virgos are famous for their poise and strength. They are always straight and uptight and are super strong and independent individuals. Virgos can manage to take care of themselves without any external support and they are known to be rock solid during difficult times. They are so sure of their beliefs that no one can ever bend them into submission and they don’t even need to play dirty in order to end up on the winning side.
  • Articulate – Virgos are extremely smart and articulate and they have an eye for detail. Their orderly ways always tend to attract attention to them and they can tend to be neat freaks as well.

Negative Qualities

With positive qualities come a few negative traits. Here are some of the main negative traits that Virgos tend to have.

  • Overcritical – Virgos are famous for having a sound head. They judge everything and everyone with a lot of deliberation. As a result, they tend to overscrutinize and critically analyze things. Virgos are their own biggest critic as well. They also tend to get irritated easily when things take time to smoothen out and they detest people pointing out imperfections.
  • Perceived cold and distant – Virgos are often perceived to be arrogant, cold and distant in a number of situations because other people don’t understand the agony that the self-beratement for problems cause Virgos. They prefer to appear cold and distant because they cannot tolerate criticism. Chances are that they already know about what you have to say and they are things that have been bothering them for some time.
  • Fussy – Virgos are famous for being fussy. They have their own sets of ideas and beliefs that change for nothing or no one. They look at things in a certain way and they cannot tolerate it if someone tries to change the way they move or function.

Best Make-up Look

The best make-up look for a Virgo is a natural, “no make-up” look. Virgos always prefer to look neat and polished, even when they wear casual outfits. They love simple things and don’t like to wear flashy things or sport flashy make-up. Although they are open to trying out new trends, expect them to try them out with timeless pieces and classics.

Best Hairstyle

The best hairstyle for a Virgo is Chignon. Virgos are famous for their simple and easy to use routines. They prefer short or medium hair that is easy to manage and also has to look stunning on those special occasions. For Virgos, it’s all about the right grooming. They prefer to be seen for the people they are, not for the clothes they wear.


Virgos are major advocates of classic and timeless fashion. They would still be open to try out new trends, but not without pairing them with classic or timeless pieces. If you’re really looking to personify elegance, all you need to do is look at a Virgo woman. They know what they like and what looks good on them. They refuse to become slaves to the ever changing fashion and always look for value for money  in their clothes. They prefer not to stand out in the crowd and they can’t stand a lot of attention either. They prefer clothes that can be worn to office and also be carried off at lunch and dinner. They care a lot about their skin and take their time to freshen up before a new activity. Virgos love the idea of visiting spas on occasions, even though they are not big on getting pampered. They love general hygiene and expect skin care products to fulfil their promise, no matter the cost.

Most Compatible With:

Virgos are most compatible with Geminis, Taurus and Capricorns. They are extremely discriminating in a relationship. They are also known to be hardworking and fiercely loyal and they expect nothing less from their partners. They need partners who don’t take them for granted and appreciate their qualities.


Virgos can become some of the best doctors, accountants and writers in the world. Virgos are famous for being detail oriented. This means that they find being organized to be extremely enjoyable. Punctuality is ingrained into them and they expect others to follow suit as well. They are famous for their willingness to work and you won’t find them doodling on their desk. In fact, Virgos are famous for feeling odd when they have nothing to do, even in their spare time.


The Virgo Woman