Woman doing eyelashes

Lash extensions are virtually everywhere these days. Chances are you can’t walk down a downtown area without noticing a salon offering lash extensions as a beauty service. It’s a beauty trend that’s been on the rise for the past couple of years, and officially made it to the mainstream beauty service arena. They’re great because you don’t have to worry about mascara or putting falsies on every time you want a little added drama to your look. Naturally, like with any beauty service there are some aftercare rituals you should practice in order to make the most of your lashes. Whether you have lashes now, or you’re considering getting them understanding aftercare for your salon lashes is key to maintaining that gorgeous lash look.

Immediate Aftercare
Promptly after getting your salon lashes applied, avoiding all contact with water in that area is essential. All lash experts stress that avoiding water for the first few hours after getting them applied and retouched is absolutely necessary to allow the glue that’s used to fully set and dry. Getting the area wet too soon will loosen the glue and can cause the lashes to fall off or move around-which can negatively affect the overall look of your lashes.

Use Caution 
While getting lash extensions is adding some great drama to your look, we realize that you probably still want to wear some makeup to really complete your beauty look. We’re with you! Once you make the investment to get salon lashes to your beauty routine, you’re going to need to make some adjustments with your makeup products-especially eyeliner and mascara products. That’s right, no more using just any mascara or eyeliner product you find in your makeup bag or when you’re out and about shopping. It’s essential that you use oil free formulations with your makeup products. Using makeup products that are oil based and contain any type of oil can cause the glue to break up and become loosened, causing your lashes to fall off and become disheveled. This rule also applies to makeup removing products you use, it MUST be oil free formulations.

Limit Rubbing
After you’ve passed the allotted time that the lashes need to properly bond (12-24 hours, about), one of the biggest aftercare tips to follow is being careful of how you care for your eye area and lashes. So many of us really don’t realize how often we rub and tug on our lashes and eye area. When you have salon lashes, you must avoid doing any tugging and rubbing at all costs. Tugging and rubbing on your lashes WILL cause them to become loose and chances of them falling out and damaging your natural lashes is pretty high. It’s important to be as aware as possible of your habits, even when washing your face and taking a shower be cautious of how you are with that area of your body and be as gentle as possible.