boho style

Are you all about the bohemian style? Bohemian style has definitely become more known, accepted and appreciated in the style world. There’s something about bohemian style that feels so inviting and free spirited. Whether you’re a full on bohemian style woman, or you’ve been trying to find different ways to incorporate this type of style into your look you’re in the right place. We’ve discovered some of the best accessories that help you show off your bohemian style. Accessories are one of the best ways to really add to your style and express your own personality with your style, so we’ve got you covered.

There aren’t many things that have a way of adding bohemian style vibes to your look quite like the addition of a headband. But when we’re talking about headbands with bohemian style, it’s all about the delicate headbands. Of course, to really incorporate the bohemian feels to your look with headbands you’ve got to rock them work over your hair and across your head/forehead to really get the full look. It’s such an easy hair accessory to wear but really does have a way to bring a bohemian feel to your look in an instant. If you’ve been wanting to incorporate some bohemian style to your look, this is the perfect starting place to get you going.

Chain headpieces
Not to be confused for headbands, headpieces are a bit different than the headbands you know and love. Headpieces have really boomed in the bohemian style market, even making an appearance in bohemian bridal looks. Headpieces are typically created with delicate chains and have chains that go over the top of the head and are more elaborate than a headband. Similar to headbands, though, they’re available in pieces that are pretty simple to much more intricate in design. Another bonus about this type of bohemian accessory is you can add major bohemian style and feel to your look just by adding it to your everyday hair style. It doesn’t get much easier than that!

boho necklace

Delicate chokers
Choker necklaces have come back to the style world in a huge way. The 90’s have definitely been having a moment again, and women who resonate with all different style personalities are enjoying rocking choker necklaces. If you’re all about the choker necklaces but have been looking for a way to do so that still shows off your bohemian style it’s all about the delicate chokers. While many chokers right now are all about the black, thicker versions there are some that are much more delicate with thin chains and small beads being incorporated. It’s the perfect combination of a choker and bohemian style-plus they’re perfect for layering with some of your other free-flowing necklace looks that you love.

We couldn’t forget to mention the ever-bohemian feel of handchains. Handchains, like headpieces have a simple way of adding a lot of bohemian feel to your look in an instant. They’re typically in delicate chains with a fun stone or detail added to them, but always full of bohemian style.