Female hairdresser standing and making hairstyle to cute lovely young woman in beauty salon

You may or may not have noticed that beauty bars have kind of become the ‘thing’ recently.  Leave it to the beauty industry to continue changing and creating trends, just when we were all getting the hang of things.  But in all honesty, isn’t that what we love about the beauty world?  It’s always changing and evolving, gotta love it!  While beauty bars have become the place to get your beauty services done, you may be wondering what the heck a beauty bar even is or what to look for in a beauty bar.  So we decided to share a girl’s guide to beauty bar services to help get you started.

What is a beauty bar?
If you’re like most women who hear of a beauty bar for the first time you’re probably wondering what it actually is.  A beauty bar is kind of the updated version of a hair salon, however, the main difference between a hair salon and a beauty bar is typically beauty bars specialize in certain beauty services.  In addition to the specific beauty services offered, a lot of beauty bars are big on creating a real experience for their guests around their services.  Many beauty bars serve wine or champagne (or something similar) to guests and really focus on creating a pampering experience overall.  While there are definitely some hair salons that have done things similar, the beauty bar experience is really taking things up a notch for guests.

Get to know the services
Since many beauty bars specialize in specific services and don’t always offer EVERY beauty service available (like many salons and spas do) you’re going to want to get familiar with the services that you use the most.  Start doing a little search of the beauty bars in your area to familiarize yourself with the types of services they specialize in.  Naturally, just like any other beauty service experience you’re going to want to feel comfortable knowing that there’s a trusted professional who will be providing the services to you.  As you’re doing your searching to discover the beauty bars in your area, look to review sites (like yelp) and read the reviews to learn about past customer’s experiences.  Review sites are great ways for you to determine what type of experience you will receive from different beauty bars and really get an idea of what someone’s opinion was of the beauty bar.

Familiarize yourself with their booking system
The beauty industry is growing and changing…quickly which means the way you book appointments isn’t always the old calling the establishment to book an appointment.  Many beauty bars offer online booking services or something similar.  Familiarize yourself with what the beauty bars in your area are using to book, and if they offer last minute appointments or what their typical time-frame is to get an appointment booked.  The great news is thanks to technology it’s so much easier booking appointments now!

Have you had beauty services done at a beauty bar?  What would you add to a girl’s guide to beauty bar services?