If you’ve been paying attention to style and fashion forecasts, you know the 90s are coming back in a huge way. We’ve gathered some of our favorite looks from the decade that are effortless, adorable, and super vintage!

The 90s were a time of experimentation and weirdness: “ugly chic” was in, with celebrities giving up the ultra-feminine looks of the 80s in favor of punk, grunge, and other fun aesthetics. Third-wave feminism was in full swing, and girls were having fun dressing for themselves instead of trying to fit a prescriptive “what you should wear”, which meant experimenting with Manic Panic hair dyes, crop tops and baggy flannel, and lots of fun Eastern-inspired looks like bindis and saris. And thanks to modern style icons like Kylie Jenner, Taylor Momsen, and Rihanna, the grunge, punk, and euro-pop styles are back in fashion! Here are some of our favorites for this year.

brown lips

Brown Lips
Brown lips were the grunge makeup staple of the 90s—with huge cosmetic companies like MAC and Make Up For Ever just getting popular, dark nude shades were becoming the best new trend. To make it modern, try a dusty rose-brown lip like Kylie Jenner’s with a darker lipliner, killer highlight, and bare eyes for a fresh take on this 90s lip color classic!

Doc Martens
A 90s staple, Doc Martens looked awesome paired with plaid skirts and ripped jeans in both the grunge, punk, and pop scenes of that decade. For a modern, more feminine take, try pairing these super-comfy boots with a flirty floral dress for a unique tough-girl contrast!

Tattoo chokers

Tattoo Chokers
Thanks to brands like Brandy Melville, the classic tattoo choker from everyone’s 90s childhoods are totally back in style! For a more grown-up approach, check out velvet and metal chokers that bring the 90s flair with a more sophisticated edge.

Frosty Eyeshadow
Who doesn’t love a good duo-chrome? Eyeshadow shades that flaunt more than one color are one of our favorite throwbacks to the 90s. To keep this look from being too frosty, try an iridescent eye color on your lid with a matte neutral shade along your crease. This will make the brightness even brighter, but keep it from looking like you accidentally applied your childhood glitter stacks (remember those?)

Flannel shirt

Oversized Flannel
Definitely the most comfortable 90s comeback, oversized flannel is one of the most popular comebacks as well. The ultra-soft plaid shirts started trending in the 90s Seattle grunge scene and soon spread to the rest of the country throughout the 90s.

For a more polished take on the grunge flannel trend, pop one of your favorite flannels over a short, lacy dress. The contrast between girly and tomboy is super cute!

Jelly Shoes
Weird? Possibly. Adorable? Definitely. Your favorite sparkly-pink jellies from junior high are back in style, with big-name designers like Marchesa and Rag & Bone rolling out new options for spring. If you’re not on board with candy-colored jellies, try a black jelly sandal: it goes with everything, and best of all, it has all the comfort of those childhood shoes.