Beautiful woman with heavy eyeshadow and dark lipstick

Glitter works so well when it comes to adding a special sparkle to a festive occasion, making it perfectly suited for New Year celebrations. 

No matter how you may be planning on bringing in the new year, here are six glitter makeup ideas to try. 

Glittered Lids

Sparkly silver eyeshadow and black eyeliner

One of the simplest ways to incorporate glitter into your makeup is by going for glittered lids. This is especially the case for those who do not usually wear much glitter on their face. 

Why are glittered lids so easy? 

Because they are quite forgiving, meaning that it will not be too noticeable if you apply too much, or even too little, glitter. 

Sparkly lids are also extremely on trend, meaning that you won’t feel out of place with a smattering of glitter across your eyelids. 

Begin by deciding on a color palette…

Gold or silver work especially well for the festive season. 

You want the color of your glitter to work well with the rest of your eye makeup. This doesn’t mean that they need to be the same color, as complementary colors can provide a beautiful contrast too. 

When it comes to applying glitter to your lids, the primer you use is extremely important. This will have a huge influence over how long the glitter remains on your lids, preventing it from falling off. 

Apply your primer to your eyelids and then continue on with the rest of your eye makeup, whether you plan on using eyeshadows, eye liners, highlighters or anything else. 

Then, apply a makeup adhesive to your lids. Dampen a fluffy eyeshadow brush and dip this into some loose glitter, gently tapping it once to remove any stray pieces. Slightly tilt your head back and close your eyes, dabbing the brush onto your lids. 

You will soon feel the glitter settling into your face, after which you can brush away any excess glitter that may have fallen onto your face. To make this task easier, place a card underneath your lower lashes when applying the glitter, as this will then catch any falling pieces.

If you want to give this look some extra bling…

Try using two different sizes of glitter. Go for tiny, dust-sized particles, along with some chunkier pieces. 

Wondering whether you should apply the rest of your makeup before or after the glitter? 

It doesn’t really matter for your lips, but when it comes to your mascara and foundation, definitely wait until after you have applied the glitter.


Because, no matter how careful you may be, some glitter will end up on your lashes and face. You need to be able to quickly and easily brush these off, rather than having them stick into your foundation. 

When it comes to removing the glitter…

Apply some olive or coconut oil to a cotton pad and hold this against your eyelids for about a minute. This will give the oil enough time to dissolve away the adhesive that is holding the glitter to your skin. After this, the glitter should be easy to remove. 

Rhinestone Lips

Woman with large diamond earrings and rhinestones on her lips

This makeup idea definitely makes a statement, but while it may look impressive, keep in mind that it is incredibly restrictive. This look does make it difficult to talk and eat, but can still be so much fun to try for a short while, at least for some sparkly New Year photographs!

This look makes use of crystals or rhinestones, and these can be purchased in just about every single color. You could opt for something classic, such as nude, pink or red lips with silver or gold crystals. Alternatively, go for crystals that match your lip color to give your look a more subtle sparkle. 

Whichever color you choose, you need to pick dome-shaped crystals that have a flat back. 

You need to also decide on a design for your lips…

Do you want just a few rhinestones dotted around your lips, or would you prefer to have the crystals completely covering your lips? 

Once you have decided, you can then move on to applying the crystals. 

Wondering how you would actually go about applying the crystals to your lips?

It takes a steady hand, but here are the steps to follow: 

  • Dot some clear eyelash glue over your lips, in the same areas you plan on applying the crystals to. Use a pointed stick to do this 
  • Then, pick up a crystal with a pair of tweezers, and use the pointed stick to dab some glue onto the flat back of the crystal 
  • Place the flat side of the crystal against your lip, and hold it there for a few seconds to make sure that it seals into the adhesive, before continuing on with the rest

Depending on how steady your hands are and how many crystals you are using, it can sometimes take an hour or so to complete this look, so set aside plenty of time for yourself if you want to give this look a try. 

Sleek But Sparkly Eyeliner

Sparkly purple eyeliner against beige eyeshadow

Glittery makeup looks can sometimes be a bit loud, but this look is the perfect example of how to use glitter in a sleek and sophisticated way. 

Want to recreate this look? 

  1. Begin by priming your eyes, and then apply an eye shadow base. It is entirely up to you whether you go for a neutral shade, to allow the glitter to stand out on its own, or something more colorful to contrast against the color of glitter you pick. 
  2. Then, take some black liquid liner and draw a thin line on your top lid, keeping this as close to your lash line as possible. Extend this outwards and upwards at the outer corners of your eyes, so that you create a cat eye shape. 
  3. You will then need some glitter adhesive. Place a small amount of this on the back of your hand, and add in a generous amount of loose glitter. Use a brush to combine the two until they are well mixed. 
  4. Then, take your brush and draw a line along your upper eyelid with your glitter and glue mixture, following along the black line that you drew earlier with your liquid liner. This part does take some time and can be extremely fiddly, so make sure you have plenty of patience!

Is the glitter covering your eyeliner? 

You can either completely cover your eyeliner with the glitter, or re-draw the line once you have applied the glitter to give the glitter some contrast. 

Once you are done with the glitter, give your eyelashes a curl and apply a couple of layers of your favorite mascara.  

Fully Glittered Lip

Young woman with sparkly glitter silver lips

While the makeup idea with the lip rhinestones mentioned earlier may make it difficult to eat or speak, this glittered lips look doesn’t have that same problem, making it better suited for an all night look. 

When it comes to creating glittered lips, you have two main options…

The first is making use of loose glitter. 

Here are the steps to follow: 

  • Begin by exfoliating your lips, as this will make them so much smoother and softer, giving the glitter a better base onto which it can grip 
  • Apply a liquid lipstick to your lips in the color of your choice
  • Dab some glitter glue onto a small section of your lips, and then dip a flat shader brush into the loose glitter before dabbing this onto your lips over the top of the primer 
  • Continue doing this in small sections, so that the primer doesn’t dry out before you are able to apply the glitter 
  • Use a fluffy brush to dust away any glitter particles that may have fallen onto other parts of your face 
  • Set your lips with a setting spray to ensure that the glitter stays in place 

Want an easier method for creating this look? 

Many brands now have their own glittered liquid lipstick. These can be applied in the same way as a regular lipstick, but their glittery finish will give them plenty of extra sparkle.

For a more contemporary and fashion-forward variation on this look…

Golden lipstick and glitter

Try using the glitter on just one part of your lips. 

This will give your lips some extra contrast, while also toning the look down a bit.  

Sparkly Lashes

Sparkly eye lashes and pale green eyeshadow

While glittery lips and eyes may be becoming more common, especially for festive occasions, glittery eyelashes aren’t seen quite as much. 

However, this is such a fun look to try for the holidays, and there are a couple of ways in which you can put this look together. 

Let’s start with the easy options…

A few makeup brands have now produced their own glittered mascara. Simply swipe this onto your lashes and enjoy the glitter that they leave on. 

Alternatively, there are also many false lashes out there that come pre-loaded with glitter. All you need to do is apply these to your eyes in the same way you would with any other type of faux lashes. This option has the added benefit of making your lashes look longer and thicker. 

If you are looking for a DIY option for this look…

You would need to apply some adhesive to each of your lashes, before using a brush to dab on the glitter. This does work, but it can be quite fiddly, so be prepared to be patient! 

This is quite a dramatic look, so make sure that you properly think about how much glitter you want to apply beforehand. You can either coat all of your lashes with sparkle, or sprinkle the glitter onto the tips of your lashes for a more subtle look. 

Gold Leaf Eyes

Eyeshadow with gold leaf motif

Gold leaf has been used to create spectacular makeup looks for quite a while now, and has been seen on a number of different runways all over the world. 

Why is it so popular? 

Because not only is it relatively easy to apply, but it creates a sparkly look that is glamorous and sophisticated, without looking tacky or overdone. 

When it comes to purchasing the gold leaf, which can either be done at a craft store or online, you have two options: 

  • Real gold leaf – this is more expensive and delicate, meaning that it tears and flakes easily. However, this is the safest option when it comes to using gold leaf around the eyes 
  • Imitation gold leaf – although this is cheaper and easier to work with, you will need to be careful when using this around your eyes

Got your gold leaf? 

You will first need to apply any other eye makeup that you plan on wearing, starting with a primer and ending with mascara.  

Next, you will need to take your gold leaf and cut it up into small pieces. Try making them slightly different sizes to add contrast. 

When it comes to sticking the gold leaf to your skin…

Gold leaf should stick onto your skin on its own, without the need for an adhesive. However, if you want this look to last for a while, then using an adhesive would be a good idea. 

Eyelash glue tends to be the best for this, and you should dab this onto your face in the same areas you plan on applying the gold leaf to. Use some tweezers to gently pick up each piece of gold leaf that you have cut up, and then carefully apply this to your face on top of each dab of glue. 

Finish your look with some setting spray to ensure that everything is securely held in place. 

Sparkly glitter makeup is perfectly suited for New Year celebrations, and there are so many looks that you can experiment with. Of course, with glitter makeup being quite extravagant, it is important to remember to keep the rest of your face quite minimal. This will prevent your makeup from appearing over-the-top, and will also enable the glitter to really stand out and make a statement.