What a year it’s been, 2016!  There’s been a lot that’s happened, so many changes, so many trends!  Personally, we love what every new year brings when it comes to different fashion and beauty trends – it’s all part of the fun!  As 2016 comes to a close (can you believe it?), we thought we’d take a look back at 2016’s denim and hems as a little recap of what we’ve seen as far as denim is concerned.  Denim always plays such a huge role in fashion for the United States.  Let’s face it, we all love denim!  This year especially, we’ve seen quite a shift in denim trends.

Super Wide Leg
Since we saw the rise in popularity of the flare jeans, it’s really not too much of a surprise that we also had some wide leg jeans come about.  Again, since we’ve been in skinny jean mode for so many years it’s nice to have some different options and trends take place in the denim world.  Another surprising trend that was a different take on the full-length wide leg denim pants was the cropped version.  You may notice there’s a bit of a theme happening with the cropped hem in denim happening.  It’s kind of like a take on the gaucho style, but done with denim. The cropped wide leg denim is in all different types of denim, from light wash to high-waisted – there’s really a major variety that we saw this year.

woman in flare jeans
The Flared Jean Revival
We definitely had some 70’s inspiration come about in denim this year, with the rise in popularity of the flared jeans.  We’ve been in full-on skinny jean mode for so many years now, it’s pretty refreshing to see a shift happen.  While we still love skinny jeans, flares are super fun because they give you that little free-flowing 70’s vibe to your look in an instant.  While typically flare jeans are worn long, to the ground we did see another different take on flare jeans this year with the cropped flares.  We still had the full-length flares, but the cropped hem flare denim was a totally different take.

The Undone Hems
You know we’re talking about denim and hems from this year, so we had to mention the undone hem trend that we saw with denim this year.  It’s kind of that 90’s grunge inspiration, but a little less grunge and a little more streamlined.  Again, this denim trend wasn’t just with the undone hem but also the fact that we saw the undone hem denim in full-length straight leg jeans as well as skinny cropped styles.  There’s a lot of variety, and a lot of different takes on the undone hem trend.

Whew!  We’ve seen QUITE the range in denim and hem trends happening this year.  It’s safe to say 2016 has been full of denim in countless different ways.  But really, who wants to wear the same denim all the time anyways?