Disco style from the 1970's

The 70’s was filled with dyn-o-mite hair styles, far out clothing, and plenty of hot chicks adorning the walls of nearly every teenage boy in town. Lionesse Beauty Bar would like to take a step back in time to the land of disco, bell bottoms, hippie vans and Led Zeppelin to bring you this groovy article on the beauty of the 1970’s. Can you dig it?

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Farrah Fawcett, 1947-2009
One of the most iconic faces and names of the 1970’s, Farrah Fawcett was one foxy lady – again, adorning nearly every wall in every teenage boy’s (and grown man’s) bedroom in her infamous red swimsuit, with her big, feathered hair – which inspired the fashion trend of women worldwide running to their salon asking for the ‘Farrah Cut’ – and that killer smile. Farrah went on to not only become a Playboy bunny, an actress – but also, a mother. What a gal.

The French Manicure
This was the era in which one of the favorite looks of women even today came to evolve – the French Manicure. It got it’s beginning in Hollywood when Jeff Pink, the creator of ORLY nail polish, created the white tipped look after realizing it was too time consuming for actresses to get touch ups and breaks taken care of when on the set of movies. This look has been a favorite ever since, and has since evolved to colored French manicures, sometimes incorporating glitter, and other designs into the mix. Groovy, baby.

Wonder Woman
This was the age of a new era for women: Wonder Woman was introduced to the world, and the world has never been the same. Introduced in comic book form in 1942, it wasn’t until 1975 that Lynda Carter would capture the hearts of America and the world over in her role as Wonder Woman, the crime fighting do-gooder who sported her luscious black hair and sexy red, white and blue crime fighting suit, leading the world to victory over villains everywhere. She taught women that they have got to have self-esteem, love their bodies, and flaunt it if they’ve got it! We’ve gotta admit – she was pretty far out!

The Shag
The Shag hairstyle became crazy popular in the 1970’s when women like Florence Henderson, otherwise known as Mrs. Carol Brady of The Brady Bunch, begin wearing this short, easy to maintain yet stylish look. Middle aged and older women everywhere fell into the trend, and to an extent, it still exists today with a few modifications. We don’t really know what kind of party Mrs. Brady had going on with the back of her hair, but that flip had a life of its own!

Liza Minelli isn’t necessarily a fashion icon in today’s world, but we have to give her credit where it’s due. ‘Cabaret’, a hit movie in 1972, was the beginning of a whole new fashion trend – the pre-punk look, and eventually evolving into the punk scene, the makeup looks and fashions worn during this evolutionary time frame made this one of those we just had to add to the list.

Before the days of tanning booths, and sunscreen, women across the country would flock to the beaches, lounge chairs and tanning oil in tow, ready for a day of fun in the sun. Tanning used to be a favorite pastime of many teenage girls and women back in the 70’s – and that desire hasn’t changed much to this day. It seemed, in the 70’s, tan skin and blonde hair went hand in hand, and everybody was doing it because it was the hot thing to do (no pun intended)! What has changed, though, is the fact that now more than ever, women everywhere are better educated on the harmful effects the sun can have, and how to better protect their skin from the sun and aging.

Think John Travolta in ‘Saturday Night Fever’! Disco was just one of those things everybody was into back in the day. From tight one piece suits, to colorful, bright vests and bell bottom jeans, crop tops and sparkly, glittery bare-it-all outfits, disco dancing was a way to get down, boogie with everyone out there on the dance floor, show off their hot outfits and stellar suits, and let loose. Even the closet disco queens had to get up and get out! Women would wear their shortest dresses, tightest one piece halter suits with the flared out bottoms, and groovy headwraps to finish out the look. Talk about lookin’ like a brick house!

This ever popular hair style got its beginning back in the 1970’s – and it wasn’t a black/white thing, either. Everyone was doing it – from blonde actress Bo Derek, with her beaded corn row style, to Cicely Tyson. These neatly arranged rows of braided hair started an entire hair style era – and the world’s gone crazy with this style, which is still seen paraded around today – and now more than ever. We see plenty of celebrity women rocking this style today – and we don’t anticipate it going anywhere any time soon.

Permed Hair
The bigger the hair, the better, right? That was the motto back in the 70’s when perming the hair was done to offer more in terms of wave and body to tired, limp hair. Those who had thin hair achieved the thicker version of their current state of hair by opting for a perm. It wasn’t until the 1980’s, though, that spiral perms got their beginning. Permed hair was so hip, so cool and so in in the 70’s, even men were getting them done! Can you dig it?

Once the punk era rolled in, fashion as we knew it was forever changed. Women and men alike began wearing spikey, wild hairstyles, heavy black lipstick, colored face paint in varying geometric shapes, super heavy black eyeliner, short mini-skirts, leather, and studded jackets. Not long after, the 80’s would arrive – where there became new spins on an old style. This style is just one that has never – and most likely, will never – die.