Woman in a beautiful retro look.

Today, Lionesse would like to take a few minutes to spotlight some of the Hollywood starlets of the 1940’s, as well as beauty trends that made beauty what it is today. Without these iconic women and their styles to look up to for fashion inspiration, beauty and style as we know it today may have been very different. Let’s take a look at some of the iconic women of the 40’s, and the styles that would pave the way to fashion and style’s future.

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Rita Hayworth
Rita Hayworth rose to fame as a Hollywood icon, appearing in over 60 movies during her life time as well as becoming a fantastic dancer, and became one of beauty’s top icons with a persona and look that would last for eternity. Her signature look was her perfectly wavy auburn hair, brown eyes, and bold, red lips that were as beautiful in the yester year as they are today. Truly, Rita was a style icon in the 40’s – and is still admired till this very day.

Ginger Rogers
Ginger Rogers was an American actress who starred in many feature films, appeared on broadway on many occasions, and had the voice of an angel. Her beautiful blonde hair, crystal blue eyes, and gorgeous skin made her a style and beauty icon during the 1940’s. She had a beautiful smile that could light up a room, and was an exceptionally talented woman.

Red Lips
Red lips were very reminiscent of the 1940’s era, and donned nearly every lip of the women of that decade. The brighter the lip, the better. This style has carried over all of the decades since, and is making a huge comeback in 2015.

Quite possibly the most romantic movie of all time aside from, ‘Gone With the Wind’, Casablanca was a 1940’s blockbuster feature film about love and making difficult choice amongst all odds. Casablanca features the infamous Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman among other well established actors of it’s time, and will forever live on as a legendary film.

The snood was a popular hair accessory of the 40’s era as headbands and hair ties are today. The snood featured a crocheted area to place the hair into, with a section to also pin to the head, holding the snood in place. They were appropriate for day and night time, and could be worn at home, at work, or even to church.

Matte Eyeshadows
Matte eye shadows of all colors – typically browns, greys, pearlescent colors, and other hues were very popular in the 1940’s. Typically, a woman would wear eye shadow for special occasions and get togethers with friends, or to a nice dinner out.

The turban was a neat and tidy way for a woman to wear the hair during the 1940’s. This would have been great for those bad hair days where you just didn’t want to deal with trying to form a style, or had a lot of house cleaning to get done. The hair turban was usually made of a soft material, such as rayon or silk, and was tied up around the hair and the ends were then tucked underneath the wrap itself. Occasionally, the turban could be decorated with flowers or pom poms.

Victory Rolls
Popular to the 1940’s hair culture, the Victory Roll hair style was all about literally rolling the hair. Pin curls were usually achieved before the Victory Roll style would have a chance to be completed, and this usually required sleeping on the hair overnight to attain the curled style. The hair was then rolled into two or three rolls on the top and front of the head, and pinned into place. The remainder of the hair was generally worn down and wavy.

Neck scarves and hair scarves were typical of the 1940’s era style, and would be worn to accent clothing and as a fashion statement. Many times, they were worn over the hair to protect the hair in convertible cars, and also, to protect the hair from wind when walking down the street. Scarfs on the neck could a great accent for any outfit, no matter what the look you are going for.

Many different variations of curls were worn in the 40’s, from pin curls, to finger curls, to wavy looks and more. They were the epitome of fashion and beauty, and no woman wanted to leave the house without her curls. They were usually worn loose and bouncy, not necessarily tight as they are in today’s world. The look was achieved in various ways, and in various styles. Nonetheless, it was a staple in fashion and beauty.